This is a manifestation of the super-large life essence being tamed and absorbed by the body,Same as he experienced before。

Because of this process,So Leo understands better。
Come to the shore,Leo didn’t even move,Just quietly watching the green bull whose body is constantly twitching and bleeding。
Once the green cow’s organs have been damaged,Leo will use the fruits of the operation to cut the organs in the first place,Then try to smooth the wound。
Can only say best,He is not a doctor,There is no way to completely help Green Bull。
Fortunately, Green Bull’s life level has improved a lot because of the Devil Fruit,And powerful and powerful,The super large life essence produces much less destructive power,Otherwise, even a doctor can’t save it。
Organ damage can be saved,The organ was directly blown up by the super large life essence,How can this be saved。
“The process went smoothly,Although there are many wounds,But not fatal!”
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Leo continued to help Green Bull smooth every wound on his body,Let fatal injuries become serious injuries,Turn a serious injury into a minor injury。
“Pity,I have less control over Green Bull than myself,Otherwise, no injury will be left!”
Waited a long time,Green Bull’s body has begun to stabilize,Is there any fatal danger?。
The green bull at this moment has been unconscious,The injury is too serious。