After all, now,Such a thing,It did come so unexpectedly。

And look over here,at this time,Guo Long is a blow。
But soon,Guo Long was shocked and puzzled。
“This,How could this be?”
Guo Long is a little unbelievable,After all this thing,Completely beyond his expectation。
But in front of Guo Long,Wang Teng looked at him,Talking lightly。
“It looks like,You are nothing but that。”
Wang Teng’s words are finished,Don’t say anything,Take advantage of the trend and quickly start to shoot。
Where’s Guo Long,I could have stayed here for a while。
But now,Guo Long is not an opponent at all,The whole person flew out directly,Fell heavily on the ground,Life and death unknown。
See these,In fact, for the moment,Wang Teng coldly swept the people around:“what happened,Do you want to stay??”
What a joke,Wang Teng is so strong,If they continue to choose to stay here,For them,Definitely not a good thing。
so now,These people left dingy one after another。
See here,Wei Shasha is a little worried,Stretched out:“Just let them go?”
After all, you have to stay alive,Know who did it。
But Wang Teng smiled:“this matter,I know。”
Chapter 22 Unusual,President of Weishi Group
“Why i let them go back,In fact, it’s just to stun the snake。”
“and,this matter,I suspect,Made by people around you!”