People’s card is very complete,It is Jiang Yan wants to reply.,There is no way to reply。

This extra large case,As Jiangsu’s plead guilty is a water falling stone,At the same time, Di Han kills the fire.,Also have a different explanation。
And Li Hui is once again returned to the hill village.,I have a barbecue with Qin Xue,Riding a large yellow,Enjoy maple leaf together in the mountains,Enjoy autumn chrysanthemum,A week of time,Li Hui Feng all accompanied Qin Snow。
A week of time,Qin Xue feels the happiest thing in this life.。
Because Li Hui has taken her to experience a lot of things she thinks.。
Ye Shuangzhou is also because Li Hui’s help,I have experienced a lot of things that only play in the countryside.。
As for Di Xiao, renting in Liu Yufeng,After the first night,I completely fell in love with this hill village.,Night quiet,She sleep is also very good.。
Although it is just outdoor during the day,But but there is a lot of flour with leaf double boat.。
With the leaves of the leaves of the leaves,Li Hui Feng also sent directly to the village,At the same time, the other party has brought home specialties.。
Di Xiaolou is also a few people,Li Hui put the deposit to the other party。
Every week in everyone here,Lianhua Village also ushered in many tourists。
But most of them,Just experience the fresh air,Beautiful landscape,Less than recreational facilities,The feeling of experience is not good。
Pour the small soldiers in the village,Because visitors increase,I have never dare to enter too much mineral water,It is also a lot of purchase.。
Even various french fries,Potato chips are also dare to get,Because the interests of tourists simply exceed the firewood salt of the entire village。
Moreover, the firewood oil salt makes it very much.,This is also the money that Zhu You is directly put into the greenhouse.,Re-flip the small selling department,Prepare to become a small supermarket。
Excessive redundancy,Li Hui also felt。
The mobile phones used in the past village were flipped.,Now but start with a smartphone.。
Even Zhu Youli found Li Huiyi alone for the small selling department.。
Let Li speaks with the style of WeChat with Alipay.,Also bought a speaker,If you receive the money horn, you will ring.。
At first, Zhu Youquan is also afraid that the money arrived in WeChat or Alipay is not his own.。
But take a few times a few times,WeChat can go to the bank card very quickly with Alipay,He also rest assured that there is a lot of boldness.。
Because Zhu You will turn to cover the small house,Preparing to become a small supermarket,This thing is not quarreling with your wife.。
He feels that his wife is short of hair.。
And his wife is to feel that the money of the small selling department has not yet earned so much.,Go to invest,Some adventures。
Two people because of this,No less quarrel。
In the end, Zhu Youquan decided to ask Li Hui to go to the horse.。
After all, he felt that Li took the wind in the village.,Although it has been there,But now most people in the village regret it.。
However, he was the beginning of the standing,So he will not say more.。
Qin Xue’s spirit of this time has been a lot.,Li Hui Feng even taught Qin Xue to meditate on the practice of meditation。
Originally Qin Xue is ready to go back with the rushing rings,But Li Hui does not feel relieved.,Decided to send each other to go back,So let Qin Xue stayed down.。
During this time with Li Hui Feng,Qin Xue can clearly feel that I prefer this sunshine big boy.。
I can also feel that Li Hui’s concern is concerned about her.,Take care of yourself。
Just two people have never been further。
She doesn’t know why sheself.,Li Hui Feng does not want to hurt each other,For Xu Ruzhen,His this time is not concealing Qin Snow,Even the previous things I said with the other party.。
He thought that Qin Xue was very angry after hearing,Will immediately turn your head。
But let him accidentally,Qin Xue did not say anything,Just say that as long as you don’t meet.,She doesn’t want to be embarrassed。