In the universe,Today’s cosmic ark is much rarer。

Many true gods from the first two eras went to the Fourth Jedi,The number of strong people who naturally stay in the space of the black stone pillars is also extremely small。
Li Ming’s He Ling clone controls the palace,Closer to the space of black stone pillars again。
Li Ming is now less than three kilometers away from the black stone pillars,The flow of time has reached 890,000 times。
of course,As Li Ming’s mind changes,Will increase,Therefore, he moved closer to the space of black stone pillars。
Li Ming has a faint feeling,If the will becomes holy,I can really touch these sixteen black stone pillars。
of course,This is something later,The most important thing for Li Ming at this stage,Is to use this accelerated time to comprehend the mystery of the light of the mind。
Under extremely fast time flow,Li Ming’s quick enlightenment【Light of mind】The speed of this secret technique is far beyond imagination。
Inside the black stone pillar,The time with Li Ming has passed hundreds of years,However, in the space of Ancestral Cave,But just a little more time in the past year。
And Li Ming’s body surface,There is already a white streamer to choose to cover,this is【Light of mind】The sign that the secret technique is about to be achieved。
“Only one year?”The rock giant showed a strange expression,“Probably a clone in the outside world,And in a space where time accelerates extremely fast。It really is a creature from the outside world,My six holy peaks universe is still too small,Too few strong trainees。。。Just don’t know,He is from the origin continent,Or those three thousand universes?Should be the origin continent,Three thousand universes should not have such a strong time acceleration。”
“Outside creatures?Sure enough, the more the territory is,The born genius is even more terrifying。I hope you can break through my third test。。Unfortunately the difficulty of the test,I can’t decide。”Murloc’s eyes penetrate the void,I saw Li Ming’s practice scene。
In a way,The difficulty of practicing this secret technique,It’s even harder for Li Ming to enlighten【Spirit Tribulation】,Although Spirit Tribulation is not weak at all,But it’s a more orthodox secret technique of will,Although practice and enlightenment is slow,But there is nothing special。