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Late half,Xia Third finally returned to the villa。
Playing a whole,Although I am very happy,http://www.wanrongspace.cnBut Liu Qingqing and flowers are also exhausted。
After eating,Flower is going to rest early.。
Liu Qingqing is lazy curled up on the sofa watching boring TV show,The eyes of the eyes are time to the summer。
At this moment, Xia is looking at a letter.。
“son:For a long time,Mom wants to write a letter to you,but,due to many reasons,Always have not been implemented,Overtake,Mother decided to do a big event,I finally have time to write to you.,At this time,Mom’s mood is five flavors,It’s hard to use language description……”
“Mom really wants to stay with you all the time,But not allow our mother and child,You,Just a birth, you have to suffer,I hope you will not blame your mother and Dad.,Life is like this,Everyone must experience the hardship,Perhaps you can really grow up,Find a living answer……”
“Perhaps,In http://www.ycfsjc.cn the future, you are an ordinary person.,If so,You will never see this letter.,But I also believe,My child will finally become a strong……”
“Sometimes my mother will also sigh the unfair,Mom is still ten years old,In the middle,What you,But can only survive in this world for three months,Mom decided to fight against this life,I also hope that you are like your mother.,Work hard……”
“If you can see this letter,Ming you Master Chu Shanchuan has been successful,You not only live,And it became a strong,If you see here,If you have any questions,Can ask Chu Shanhe,He will tell you everything,But I can’t be sure.,Does the Chushan River still live to you to see this letter?……”
Liu Qingqing doesn’t know the content of the letter,But it can be found to be the same as the summer.。
Although he does not send,There is no expression on the face,But Liu Qingqing feels the temperature of the four weeks gradually decline.。
Among the air, a disturbing。
Liu Qingqing sat up,The sound is full of worry。
Summer shot,Squeeze out a smile on the face,Running the yellow-yellow letter,“This is my mother left me.。”
Liu Qingqing。
Zhang Zhangzhu,I don’t know what to do.。
About Xia Jupines,She has heard from the summer mouth。
Whether it is his five hundred years, a wonderful father of the family,Still the mother of the mother, Huaxi Emperor,Liu Qingqing can be described as thunder。
She asked her heart,“Letter……”
“Just some past events。”
There are not many summer,Continue,“Old willow,I will go to Beijing.,Go with a flower,Go and see the father,Strive to come back at night。”
Liu Qingqing Point Zero,Again asked again,“You really have n’thing.。”
“Really fine,Just the content of the letter,I want to find a summer cloud confirmation.。”
The smile on the summer face is barely,“It’s all old yellow calendar.。”
The next morning,The flower that was originally prepared to sleep, was awakened early.。
But when she learned to visit the Grandpa in Beijing,I have become happy now.。