Pingyao Ancient City Infrastructure Improvement Project is pretensified

The two excavators of the bangon are working, several materials, and the earth transport vehicle lines waiting for the entry, the sprinkler travels through … On the morning of June 25th, the construction site of the East Street construction site in the ancient city infrastructure, the construction project is well In order to do, more than 10 helmeters wearing a hard hat, workers wearing overalls are doing the installation of the power discharge. Pingyao Ancient City infrastructure enhancement project is the city, county key project, is a major people’s livelihood project, and the 100-year project protected by ancient city will implement the comprehensive pipeline project covering 121 streets, the general kilometers, and the ancient city electricity, communication, rain. Gas, fire protection and other underground pipe networks for comprehensive improvement. "Here the integrated gallery adopts the advanced technology of integrated, integrated cloth tube, greatly improved the efficient and safe use of municipal management networks such as strong power, weak electricity, and water, and guarantees the maintenance and maintenance of the later operation, which is convenient for the use of people." Into the Pingyao Ancient City North Street integrated pipe gallery, and the deputy commander of the project headquarters said Wang Longfei. As the world cultural heritage, the security of the ancient city legacy is critical.

During the construction of ancient city infrastructure enhancement project, the street support has adopted professional stable steel pipe support measures to ensure the safety of the street cultural relics and residential housing.

In order to further do a good job in ancient city protection and safety construction, Pingyao County adheres to "three mustal" in the implementation of the ancient city infrastructure.

Adhere to the safety of the ancient city, the provincial cultural relics, the experts of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, to guide the construction, and use the most stringent construction protection measures in the cultural relics of the passbook; insist on protecting the historical style of the ancient city, under the narrow street, the situation is complex Real, using the process of migration of casting construction and top tube construction, and cautiously choose pavement materials, do the original appearance, is old; adhere to the normal production life, through partition promotion, segmentation implementation Peak construction organizations, through reasonable planning routes and transportation control, to ensure the life and travel of residents’ tourists. "Now the voltage is very stable, it is very convenient to use water, and the rainfall and flow of the rain has never appeared. The ancient city infrastructure enhancement renovation project is really good for our ancient city residents, thanks to the party and the government’s good policies." Ancient City residents Duanyou family is in the northeastern part of the infrastructure enhancement project. Nowadays, he is also one of the earliest residents. Up to now, the large area of ??the Northeast District is complete. It is doing the final ending. It is expected to be completed by the end of June; the 24 street lanes in the northwest area have all started, and it is planned to be completed at the end of August.

According to the progress of the project, the Southeastern Plan is planned to start in early July.

"The ancient city infrastructure enhances the renovation, and we must grab the daily life of the ancient city. We must grab the quality, security, so that the ancient city residents and tourists will benefit early." Li Guanming, deputy director of Pingyao County Housing and Construction Bureau. (Yuan Rong Zhang Chunyan) (Editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan).