A thousand-year-old beauty recipe VS new beauty


A thousand-year-old beauty recipe VS new beauty

Modern people know that the first step in maintenance is to clean the skin. If you want to better absorb the skin care products in the future, it is best to complete the exfoliating work at the same time.

In modern beauty products, scrubs, fruit acids, enzymes and other synthetic materials are often used to soften the cuticles on the surface of the skin and damage the skin.

  Beauty food: popular in the ancient beauty industry Beauty new favorite VS natural ancient recipes In ancient times, a cleaning product called “bath beans” was popular in the beauty industry at the time.

Bath beans have spice ingredients. The recipe for a high-level bath beans is described in Qianqianfang, which uses precious spices such as clove, agarwood, green wood, and musk, plus peach, plum, red lotus, cherry flowersTen kinds of fragrant flowers are mashed one by one, and then the pearls and jade shavings are pulverized into fines. These raw materials are mixed with stalactite powder and soybean powder.

Wash your hands, face, arms, etc. with such extravagant bathtub beans, and your skin will become smooth and moist.

  Many skin care products now contain angelica, American ginseng and other Chinese herbal plant extracts. From the inside out, it balances the skin, promotes blood circulation, accelerates the discharge of skin metabolic waste, enhances the skin’s resistance, and makes the skin pure, clear and smooth.
The most important feature of Chinese herbal beauty is that it is a mild “internal force”, which cares for the skin in a way of conditioning.

Essential oils were used to detoxify in ancient times, and modern people use them to detoxify to achieve beauty.

In addition, some people often use the longevity phrase “Fu Ru Donghai, Shoubi Nanshan”. This phrase originates from people in the East China Sea and Nanshan who live longer because they often use green tea. Modern people also use green tea which is rich in tea polyphenols.Residues have antioxidant properties, which has led to the development of many green tea-containing beauty products.

  Modern beauty products and methods are connected with the ancient recipe in many places, and the beauty products derived from the ancient recipe are also the choice of many friends because of its natural and safe.

  Mulberry effect: anti-aging, reducing melanin ancient formula: “Morning Compendium” has recorded: “Mulberry, Jiufu is not thirsty, calms the soul and calms down, it is smart, white and not old.

The first sixteen words summed up the five major effects of mulberry.

Mulberry contains many ingredients such as glucose, fructose, implanted acid, carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C.

Among many fruits, mulberry ranks first in its antioxidant effect.

Since mulberry contains rich flavonoids, extracting the essence from its roots can use tyrosinase inhibitory activity to greatly reduce the production of melanin and improve the skin whitening effect.

  New favorite: Botanical Whitening Brightening Mask is rich in white mulberry extract, Huang Cen extract, and lemon extract to help fight off melanin and brighten skin tone.

Supplemented with plant squalene, shea butter, vitamin E, etc. to strengthen moisture retention.

The kaolin content can help remove excess oil and improve diabetes.

  Soybean effect: whitening, anti-aging, balance hormone secretion Ancient formula: Chinese people have a long habit of replacing soybean milk. The beauty effect of it is clearly recorded in the “Extended Secret Notes”: “Long skin, good color,Landfill, add strength, and tonic.

“Soybean contains soy isoflavones, soya saponin and soy lecithin, which can effectively delay aging.

After a woman is 40 years old, the ovarian secretion of estrogen gradually weakens, leading to wrinkles and loose skin.

Soy isoflavones that have the reputation of “plant placenta” can supplement appropriate amounts of estrogen, regulate hormonal balance, maintain skin elasticity, and eliminate the aging symptoms of menopause in women.

  New favorite: Plant whitening and freckle-isolating cream extracts an active ingredient in soybean. The synthesized product can prevent melanin synthesis, and has the effect of lightening pigmentation and whitening.

The mask of too many products is rich in soy seed extract and rice fat, which can strengthen collagen fibers and elastin fibers, and help maintain skin firmness and elasticity.

  From this point of view, many modern beauty methods are derived from ancient beauty recipes, which are also favored by modern people because of their health and greenness.

  Common Chinese herbal medicine and its skin-care effect Ginseng: Provides intensive nutrients, increases skin cell vitality, promotes metabolism and circulation, and delays deterioration.

  Pearl: A variety of nutrients and nutrients to improve skin tone.

  Angelica: It has the function of weakly expanding capillaries and speeding up blood circulation. It is often used in whitening and acne products.

  Cereals: Mild, natural moisturizer and has the effect of softening the skin and preventing roughening.

  Charcoal: strong adsorption, and is often used as cleaning products.

  Lemon: Nourish and brighten the race.

  Ivy: Firms skin and causes sedative effects.

  Almonds: inhibits melasma and smoothens skin