Zheda Wangxin (600797) 2019 Interim Report Performance Review: Cloud Computing Business Stably Forces Artificial Intelligence Products to Face the Future

Zheda Wangxin (600797) 2019 Interim Report Performance Review: Cloud Computing Business Stably Forces Artificial Intelligence Products to Face the Future

Zhejiang University New Net profit in the first half of 20191.

87% billion increased 19.

17% After August 20, Zhejiang University Network newly announced the 2019 Interim Report.

Reported companies achieved operating income of 15.

20 ppm, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.

20%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies1.

08 trillion, an increase of 16 over the same period last year.

54%; achieving steady growth.

  Cloud computing business steadily develops data center upgrade and construction speed The company has domestic first-class cloud service hardware platforms, and has six national first-class data centers in Hangzhou, Shanghai and other 深圳桑拿网 places, with a scale of 60,000 square meters and nearly 10,000Cabinet, computing power of more than 100,000 servers.

At the same time, the company has also established an accelerated network in the country that interconnects with almost all mainstream cloud computing platforms in the country and interconnects with the WAN. It also uses software-defined networking technology to provide proprietary applications and services for proprietary customers.

Relying on the hardware platform, the company has realized the stable development of smart cloud services, smart cities, smart commerce and smart life businesses.

The report summarizes that the company based on the layout of the national data center business in Zhejiang, and increased the renovation and upgrade of the data center computer room. While upgrading and upgrading the two data center computer rooms in Hangzhou Zhuantang and Lin’an Qingshan Lake, it continued to actively promoteConstruction of the Qiandao Lake Phase II computer room and the Southwest Cloud Data Center project.

Strengthening the construction of hardware facilities will enhance the company’s ability to provide services and provide a solid foundation for the company’s development.

  Continue to increase investment in research and development, and report the scale of artificial intelligence products for the future. The company continued to strengthen technology research and development and intellectual property construction, and the research and development expenses in the first half of the year reached 1.

27 ppm, a 55-year increase.


The company is making full efforts in the field of artificial intelligence, independently researching and releasing the new “IN-Edge” distributed AI system of Zhejiang University.

At the same time, the company uses artificial intelligence semantic analysis technology to break through the application scenarios of the industry and optimize them, forming a series of solutions for government, education, and tourism.

Among them, in the field of transportation services, the company completed mobile Internet service means such as operating vehicle refusal and complaint reporting platforms and off-site group customer behavior analysis platforms; in the field of business management services, Netnews semantic robot completed 47 consultations.

80,000, an increase of 79 compared with the same period last year.

2%, the praise rate reached 97.

9%; In the field of financial services, the company uses its own semantic understanding technology with external speech recognition and speech synthesis technology to form a voice intelligent outbound solution for the financial industry; in the field of human and social services, the company forms a semantic employment service solutionProvide self-help question and answer consultation function for the external services of local employment bureaus.

The application of the artificial intelligence industry is gradually mature and will become the company’s main growth point in the future.

  The investment strategy for the company is at a relatively low estimate, and the time is right for the mid- to long-term layout.

The company’s expected earnings for 2019-2021 are expected to be 0.

20 yuan, 0.

24 yuan and 0.

29 yuan.

Give the company an “overweight” rating.

  Risk warning: IDC center construction is less than expected, artificial intelligence application 武汉夜生活网 promotion is less than expected