As for who attacked him,The police officer who was attacked has now also found the source。

Enemy meets extremely jealous,No matter what the A San in front of me is backed by,Provoking China PoliceiObserve,Everything has to wait until I fall him down。
There are not too many policemen on duty,So it won’t appear too crowded when it’s crowded。
Lagon holds the tiger spirit,Several times,Finally chose to give up,In his opinion,Kill these people with Tiger Soul,Really shame the dagger in hand。
A series of muffled noises,More and more people fell on the ground,And Ragon’s body is only slightly wrinkled。
“Why do you want to die?”
The last policewoman rushed up,Lagong did not choose to pity the jade,Instead, he held her chin with one hand and lifted the policewoman up。
Policewoman looking at Lagon,Whatxmama.Nothing said,Of course the saliva she spit out didn’t hit Lagon either。
&npnxyw.bsp; Threw the policewoman to the ground,Rajon briefly took a deep breath。
Look up,No one can stand in front of him,At least stand upright in front of him。
“I don’t know if I’m going to be wanted if I go out in a fair manner.?”
No one talks to himself beside Lagong。
This action,It was just a vacation,I just didn’t expect it,I brought the goods to,When I was offline, I was stupefied。There is nothing to fuss about,After all, being severed,If this has something to do with poison,Always happen。
But what makes Lagon curious is,Who is so leisurely?,In the absence of exposure,Someone went to the suburbs to extract a tooth from the tissue。
It can be seen from the traces on the scene,Clean and neat people,No evidence is left,But Lagon still clearly found some traces of fighting。
Especially some cutting marks,There is no way to do it with ordinary sharp tools。
Under curiosity,Lagon also let people follow this clue to investigate。News will come back soon,Although some official friends don’t know their identity,I don’t help myself directly or indirectly,But it’s okay to check some innocuous news。
When the picture of Tiger Soul is transferred to Lagong’s phone,Lagong’s body without waves for many years,Completely boiling。