She let Feng Yan come,I just want to catch Wang Youcai’s pigtail,She can clean up。But doesn’t she know,Wang Youcai and Feng Yan are already on the same bed。

Get up this morning,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying to make a hearty breakfast,He went to fight Feng Yan and invited him from bed。
Seeing Wang Youcai’s good attitude towards her,Feng Yan’s heart is like a mirror。During breakfast,Feng Yan whispered to Wang Youcai:“You are smart,The boss is afraid that you will take her salary,Go to work for yourself,That’s why I came over to supervise you”
“Of course,I want to show your account,But I won’t let you have a big problem。What kind of person is Hu Huiru,You know better than me,If she can let you**Ning,Then her surname is not Hu”Feng Yan smiled,It can be said that there are many styles。
Wang Youcai looked at her,I feel a little awkward again。Fortunately, Liu Ying sits next to Wang Youcai,He was too embarrassed to come here。
“Nothing,Manager Feng only needs to have a good sense,Can let everyone go,It’s nothing”Wang Youcai is very generous。
Feng Yan is a woman after all,She thought about it,Passed Wang Youcai the information he had compiled in the past two days。Wang Youcai looked at it from beginning to end。Then he smiled and said:“Manager Feng is great,It’s done well”
The two are talking and laughing,So he got up and left Wang Youcai’s office。The cold wind roars outside,Blowing dust。I feel the sky is gray。
Feng Yan before getting into the car,Smiled at Liu Ying:“Sister Liu!Hard for you these days。The future health of our boss,I seem to have to worry about you”This woman is weird,Don’t forget to report revenge before leaving。
Liu Yingyi listen,Hehe smiled and said:“Manager Feng rest assured。Boss Wang’s body has always been great,It just doesn’t work when you meet a vixen”
“you…”Feng Yan’s face changed suddenly。Wang Youcai quickly pushed Hao into his broken jeep。Feng Yan wanted to take advantage of Liu Ying before leaving,I didn’t expect this woman to be more scolding than her。
The jeep rushed out of the big iron door with a whine,The cold wind hits your face instantly。Feng Yan couldn’t help being furious,She yelled:“Can you drive slower?Are you trying to freeze to death!”Feng Yan’s stomach fire,It was all on Wang Youcai’s body in an instant。
Wang Youcai reduced the speed a bit,said laughingly:“Manager Feng, don’t get angry,I’m afraid which old ladies from Chenzhuang come to hitchhiking”
“Hey!You also made a lot of money here,Need to get a new car。What kind of car do you drive?,Don’t say anything,It’s too ugly outside, right!”Feng Yan said,Secretly glanced at Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“I have money。Just a little bit every month,Even if it’s a little bit of money,Isn’t that going to feed this guy??You know,Hu Huiru can do this,Didn’t give me a penny。The cost of a car for a year is not low,You know this”
“Hey!Why didn’t you drive your own car this time??”Wang Youcai said,Changed the subject。
Feng Yan sighed and said:“Drive your own car without refueling,I’m not stupid,So he let his car rest in his hometown”
Wang Youcai smiled,No more words。He was thinking,Women just like to care about everything。If you care about these,He has already left Hu Huiru。
The car soon arrived in Baishui Town。Feng Yan glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Thank you!I took the shuttle bus back to the city”