Civil Aviation Administration: April due to weather reasons due to 43.6% from March

  People’s Network Beijing May 14th (Reporter Joe Xuefeng) The reporter learned from the China Civil Aviation Administration that there have been many thunderstorms in East China, Central South, Southwest, Northwest my country since April, has a large influence, long-lasting, running on civil aviation flights Resulting in a big impact. So, thunderstorms, typhoon and other extreme weather will operate civil aviation, especially what effect on flight normally? In this regard, Zhu Tao, director of the Aviation Safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration, said that in general, as long as the thunderstorms appear in the origin airport, destination airport or flight route, will affect flight safety, reduce flight efficiency, may cause flight cancellation, delay, Return or reserve.

"According to preliminary statistics, the number of flights caused by weather causes increased in March than in March.

"Zhu Tao told reporters to reduce the impact of thunderstorm weather on civil aviation operation, the civil aviation unit will formulate various response measures in advance according to the" five early "principles of" early development judgment, early decision, early adjustment, early concentration, early start " Increase meteorological monitoring warning for key regions, major airports and busy routes, real-time update and refine traffic management measures, and reduce the impact of thunderstorm weather on flight operation. In addition, the Civil Aviation Authority will also strengthen daily operations Real-time monitoring, if necessary, the video session will urge all units to fight for the flight under the premise of ensuring safety.

  Zhu Tao also said that in terms of passenger services, the Civil Aviation Authority will urge airlines, airports, empty management and other departments to strengthen communication and coordination. In time, timely and accurately report to passengers in a variety of channels, the flight dynamic information and subsequent flight arrangements, and do a good visit to retreat Related service work.

(Editor: Shuai, Mao Siyuan).