Turtle-style hot yoga benefits female body

Turtle-style hot yoga benefits female body

Practicing yoga, especially hot yoga or hot yoga, is legal for women.

Everyone may wish to learn.

  Steps: 1. Sit on your knees, put your legs together, sit on your heels, put your hands on your thighs, and spine straight.

  2. Lift your arm upwards from your arms, close your palms above your head, cross your thumbs, touch your ears, straighten your spine, take a deep breath, and stretch your arms straight as far as possible.

  3. During the movement, keep the hips on the heels, exhale, and bend forward from the waist.

  4, tapered spine forward until the outside of the hand touches the ground, arms straight.

  5. Exhale and continue to move forward gradually, let the head touch the floor, lower the jaw away from the body, relax the shoulders and arms, keep the eyes open for 20 seconds.

  6. During the process, the tibia fracture leaves the heel, inhale slowly to get up, the upper body is upright, and the arm remains fractured upwards.

  7. Exhale, let your arms drop from your body, turn your body 180 degrees, and lie on your back for 20 seconds.

  8, do sit-ups, turn 180 degrees, forward, repeat this exercise.

  Defects: Allow the body to fully relax, treat indigestion, benefit the lungs, promote blood flow to the brain, strengthen the abdomen and thighs, and promote the reduction of hips, deltoid muscles, shoulder cranial bones, biceps, and pectoralis major muscles.