Ghost director, the award-winning journey of the screenwriter is not all smooth sailing-Ye Wen

“Ghost” director, the award-winning journey of the screenwriter is not all smooth sailing | 夜 问
Answer: A / B / C Martin McDonough won a lot this time, but did not win the Tony Award (the highest award for American drama and musical).You may be wondering, why would a film director want to have a drama or something like that?In fact, at the beginning of his career, he created drama.Martin McDonough was born in London, England in 1970, and his creative talents were revealed at the beginning.In 1996, McDonough’s drama debut “Beauty of Mount Lianna” premiered at the Royal National Theatre in the United Kingdom. It was a great success and was shortlisted for the index drama awards such as the Oliver Award and Tony Award.The 2001 Pillow Man premiered to help him win the Oliver Award for Best Drama and the New York Drama Critics Association Award for Best Foreign Drama. McDonough’s career in drama creation reached a peak.After that, he began to get involved in movies. Among them, the “Three Billboards” written and directed by him became the biggest winner of the 75th Golden Globe Awards, and won the best movie, best script, best actress and best in the plot category.Four awards for supporting actors.There is also the best actress and best supporting actor award at the 90th Academy Awards. The film was released internally on March 2, 2018.The film tells of Mildred’s (Francis McDormand) daughter who was severely raped while out, and Mildred, who was entangled in despair and pain, rented three on the side of the highwayA huge billboard, in the above-mentioned accusation that the police were incompetent to handle the case, turned directly at the police chief.Around this case, as well as three billboards, a series of humanity reviews were launched.Many people say that McDonough is a representative of “face-to-face drama” (in the Yer-Face theater). In fact, this cruel scene allows people to face social reality in the film.The mother’s swearing and courage, the police’s arrogance and justice, each person’s character is interpreted by him very complicated, in this case the audience can make their own judgments about the victim, what is justice, how to make choices, etc.,As a result, the film was elevated to a social level.