And Miyamoto Musashi and Jiang Min also have a tacit understanding here,Actually moved far away。Maybe they all think,The battle should not affect Qin Feng and Miyamoto Jiro。

“Miyamoto Musashi,Don’t you take out your sword?wrong,It should be a knife。Your island country is crazy,The sword you used is obviously,But I have to name a sword master。how,Do you really want to go to swordsmanship??”
Jiang Min couldn’t help but tease。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Six The apprentice also started fighting
“Ha ha,Jiang Minsang,It’s been so many years,You still like to make jokes like this。Interesting?”Miyamoto Musashi shook his head。I think Jiang Min is a hooligan,At this point, he still likes to talk。
“All right,Do it!”
Jiang Min put his hands behind his back,A master looks like waiting for Miyamoto Musashi to move first。
Miyamoto Musashi is also welcome,Because he knew that Jiang Min never used weapons,But use fists and kung fu to fight。
To their level,Even after the battle,It’s not something ordinary people can afford。
When Miyamoto Musashi came up, he chopped,He doesn’t care about physical problems,Because as long as you win the first move,,It is very likely that Jiang Min will keep beating Jiang Min。
It’s just that Jiang Min’s method is ingenious,Miyamoto Musashi can’t even touch the other party’s clothes。
of course,Even so, Qin Feng doesn’t think Miyamoto Musashi is better than his master。The opposite of,Because Miyamoto Musashi is good at using Tai sword,It’s also because Jiang Min can’t face the opponent head-on,That’s why I chose to avoid。
But if you insist on saying who consumes more,In fact, in Qin Feng’s opinion, it’s only half a catty。
Even because Jiang Min is already an old man,Even if you have the same skills as Xianfeng Dao bones, you can’t use it as easily and skillfully as before.。