“Call the police?Do not make jokes,This is las vegas,The local police dare not provoke hell angels!”

There was a buzzing voice around,More and more eyes gathered on Team Menglin。
participateEOVThe players in the competition heard some wind,They know that the Hell Angels once found Team Menglin,hope
Hope they lose the game,But in the end they won,Cause local casinos to gamble a lot of money。
obviously,The hotel staff also know that these Chinese have offended the angels of hell,They were a little absent-minded when checking out,What seems to be waiting。
as expected,The check-out procedure has not been completed,Everyone in the hotel lobby saw outside the glass door,One after another black cars drive in,Blocked the gate。
Crowds of men in black walked down from the cars blocking the door,They are all big and round,Ferocious expression,It’s not a kind person at first sight。
Among the men in black,Headed by Lucas, who claims to be the agent of Hell’s Angels。
Lucas aggressively,Lead the crowd into the hotel lobby。
The guests in the hotel consciously retreated to both sides,Dare not stand in the way。
The influx of people in black,There are at least twenty or thirty people,And many of them have a bulging waist,Obviously brought a weapon such as a firearm。
Lucas strode towards Lu Menglin and his party,Stand still four steps away from the opponent。
It seems this buddy is not stupid,I guess I know the number of ways to capture the thief first,Dare not get too close,So as not to be taken hostage by those Chinese。