That’s in front of Li Ming,The face of King Feng, the monster giant crocodile bombarded by a pair of hammers, changed drastically,Double hammer cross,But still be the head of this gun。

“Damn~”The huge crocodile head spit out a supernatural power,Repelled the Feng Wang Peak who wanted to pick up the bargain next to him,Head and body connected,At the same time crazy back。
Li Ming’s shot scared him terribly,Just one shot,He lost almost one percent of his power。
Their level of battle,How much time does it take for a hundred shots?!
“Did this guy realize the peak secret??”【Cloud Crocodile King】One side is like a dragon swimming in the river,Accurately avoid several attacks,Thinking secretly:“My body is very big among the kings,Wouldn’t he be able to shoot one shot for those smaller kings!too frightening,It looks like,He should have broken through the secret method in today’s battle。”
King Yun Crocodile secretly admirers,Then he swallowed a high-ranking king who could not hide。
“If this human being can live this time,I’m afraid it’s the one who has gained the most,Enlighten the pinnacle secret,Even the probability of stepping into the Lord in the future is very high!”
“The law of gold has realized【Ultimate secret】level,There is a sense of completion,It feels whether it is attack or defense or even domain means,Are all raised to an unbelievable point!It’s like a real consummation!”
“wrong~”Li Ming’s eyes narrowed,“My insight tells me,mine【Secret of Autumn Wind】Not really complete,There is still room for improvement in the perception of the law of gold!but,It’s not easy to want to go further。right now,Still think of a way to make good use of this method,Make a fortune!”
Run with the power of the world【Secret of Autumn Wind】,Li Ming even feels that even without metal life,Only relying on the master-level demon-killing clone can easily withstand the aftermath of the energy after the massive battle.。
“My autumn wind secret,Is the real law,The ultimate mystery that comes naturally。Enough and【Escape】Side by side!”
Li Ming casually killed one of the foreign races and slapped him to death.。
Hold the spear in your right hand。
A shot pierced the void!
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