If you replace it is your own private enmissions,More than half of the land, it will be in the past,Will not mention Huang Rong,However, this time, the land is serious, but it is very serious.:“Sister,It’s a black wind.!”

Chu Deirers took the head in the land of the land.——really,There are five fingers on the Tianling cover.,The edge is slightly black……
It is the Jiuyu claw force that is practicing.!
Thirty-eighth chapter is a lively returning
“Black wind?They are still alive?”Huang Rong also surprised。
Previous Huang Rong also spent some,About Chen Xuanfeng and Mei Chao……
“Yes……I didn’t expect it.,They actually live!And I have been looking for the door.。”The land of the land is full of emotions。
then“Black wind”This head,Landing wind is one-third of the credit,Two-third,That is Chen、Mei two people itself《Jiuyin down volume》Abuse child after external work,And the greed of people in the rivers and lakes,Each occupied half!
《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Falling in this couple,This is ambiguous,Plus land ride and active organizers,Murder,Feed all the famous names of them all the way。
certainly,Chen Xuanfeng、Mei Chao wind couple,It is a mess,Healing,It is also one of the causes,Just which one is first、Which one,Which more、Which less,That is and many“Rivers and lakes”Same,It’s hard to say clearly!
So many years,Black wind doubles out of the rivers and lakes,The first thing is to find the crown to find a revenge.,Also fully……
Landshawind saw five finger holes on this day,The heart is in the heart of anger,Then I also have some missions.。
After all, it is a brothers and sister for so many years.,Take more than ten years,Young memory is in the heart,Not only is hate。
Originally, the wind, the wind, I found that Mei Chao is already.,I heard that Chen Xuanfeng has been dead for many years.,I also feel in my heart.,Even the initiative to persuade the grievances of Mei Chao wind and Jiangnan seven strange……
certainly,The reason why the La Land is now open,Large extent because he met Huang Rong,It can be returned to the Huang Phase Gate Wall.,Otherwise, 80% is still hateful。
And the original, the old land received this after,That is very embarrassing,Also dispelled the benevolent people in Yunzhuang、Villagers,Let Lu Guanying command all major water villages,What happened to Yunzhuang,Be uncomfortable——Dictionary is a battle for death、Interesting mind。
But now because there is a Chu Deirers.,The land is not too nervous。
Chu Deiren’s second,Even if the water is more,It is not even if the black wind is packed.?
Do not say,Just Luoyang left near,The level of the six masters of Sushan,It’s not a big loss for the black wind.。
Change is not related to,Landing wind may also be tangled,He cleaned up the black wind and double,Will you fold the face of Taohua Island?
Black wind is no longer something,It is also from Taohua Island.!
Damn of siege,If it is a young man to win by a young man,Be afraid……
But the words of Chu Dee,There is no such concern——After all, in the land of the wind,Chu Deirers and Taohua Island,But too“abnormal”!
“Sister、Chu brother,This time we have to be Taohua Island,Clean up the portal!”The land is clear and clearing the feelings of your heart.,Preparation and take the initiative to come to the staked boundary。
“Chu Da Ge,what happened?”Huang Rong finds that Chu Deirers seem to say what。
“kindness,I estimate the black wind and double,Shouldn’t just look for trouble,But to save people、Or is it。”Chu Deiren said。
“Save people?Whoever saving?”Landing Feng Wen said。
“Wu Kang。”
“They also have a relationship with Wu Sangui.?”Landing is full of angry,As a disciple of Huang,This big traitor of Wu Sangui is the most look。
“Not necessarily related to Wu Sangui,I am before Luoyang,Didn’t see the Washing West Wangfu has them,But Wu Kanghui‘Jiu Yin Bone Claw’Be right。”Chu Deirers truthfully,And only say that I should know.。
“Jiu Yin Bone Claw?His phenanthuma,Just happened to the nine yin claws?”Huang Rong also met Wu Kang and Mu Jingzi,Add it from Chu Deirers here,Got full version《Jiuyin Zhenjing》,I also understood it in my heart.。
“They also received Wu Sangui’s son to make an apprentice?”Landing is more angry。
“Luzhuang is relieved,If they dare to come,I am sorting down.,Ask a clear white。”Chu Deteen big bag。
The land is also allowed to pass the village.,If you have to come back to Yunzhuang,It looks not good,May not stop,This time you have to come to a bow.!
Also fortunately, outsiders don’t know what Chu Deer is here.,Otherwise, the black wind is only afraid that it will not come.……
Now landing wind also specializes in Lu Guanying,Do not disclose the bottom fine。
Not long,Black wind is not waiting yet,Shi Xu first ran over the pool。
“Laozhuang、Total head,Stone、Shi met a high person!”Shi Dang rushed to the fire。
“What expert?But……A man and a woman?”The land is thinking that he encountered a black wind.。