After the festival, the intestines detoxification side scrapes the oil and removes the fat.

After the festival, the bowel detoxification side scrapes oil and removes fat.

During the Spring Festival, eating too much and mixed, easy to constipation and bloated, detoxification after the holiday is very important.

The editor recommends the secret recipe for clearing the intestines after the festival, effectively scraping oil and removing fat, making you relaxed.

  After the festival, the intestines detoxification secret recipe 1.

Drinking honey on an empty stomach has been a good product for detoxification and beauty since ancient times. It contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins needed by the human body.

Often eating honey while expelling toxins, it also has a certain effect on cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia.

The sugar contained in the honey is relatively rich, and it can absorb the body water and stay in the intestinal cavity, which is conducive to detoxification of the intestines.

Because the worms on the fasting are accelerated, it is necessary to remind everyone that they should use cold warm water to wash the honey, because too hot or too cold will destroy its nutritional structure.


Eat more black fungus black fungus containing plant gums have a resetting adsorption, can absorb impurities left in the human digestive system, clean the blood, regular consumption can still effectively remove the body’s pollutants.

Black fungus is also a very good detoxification food for the intestines, and the food that has undergone air drying will swell after being exposed to water, which will bring more moisture to the interaction.

However, for those who have difficulty in defecation, it is very difficult to pass a meal by eating a black fungus, unless a large amount of supplemental or auxiliary exercise is added.


Drinking cold milk on an empty stomach and drinking ice milk on an empty stomach can be laxative. First, because cold stimulation accelerates exercise, second, there is a large amount of lactose in milk, and more than half of Chinese people lack lactase required for milk absorption.

Therefore, after drinking milk, lactose enters the colon without being digested and is quickly excreted.

(use poorly in the stomach or in cold weather areas) 4.

Every day, you can use fruit instead of a meal. If you have been eating snack rice on weekdays, then replace the meal with fruit every day for one month. At the end of the month, you will be surprised by the lower abdomen.

Because the cellulose content of the fruit is relatively high, and the fruit also contains some pectin, the stool becomes soft and helps the bowel movement.

However, for those who have more serious problems, the effect of detoxification by fruit and intestines will not be too obvious.


Take a certain amount of vitamin detoxification vitamin C every day, and vitamin E has a detoxifying effect.

Vitamin C should not exceed one gram per day, otherwise it will lead to too much stomach acid, which will affect fertility.

Vitamin E can’t exceed 200 mg per day, otherwise the exception is very large, such as muscle muscle atrophy.


Eat more sweet potato detox sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato.

Rich in dimension A and dimension C.

Vitamin A can make your eyes healthier, vitamin C has a bodybuilding effect, and potassium can prevent high blood pressure, in addition to keeping your heart rate normal.

Its high cellulose excretes exhaust gases and waste from the body, helping to prevent colorectal cancer.

Chinese medicine means that sweet potato is mild and sweet, can be laxative, spleen, make up the gas and increase the amount of milk in postpartum women.


Brown sugar detox brown sugar contains a special ingredient “molasses”, which has a powerful “detoxification” effect. It can convert excess melanin from the dermis layer and excrete it through the lymphatic tissues of the whole body, preventing the formation of melanin from the source.

  In addition, the carotene, riboflavin, niacin, amino acid, glucose and other components contained in brown sugar have strong anti-oxidation and repair effects on cells, which can rapidly grow subcutaneous cells after detoxification, avoiding pigment rebound, and trulyWhitening.


Drink chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum contains volatile oil, inulin, adenine, amino acid, choline, stachydrine, berberine, flavonoids, chrysanthemum, vitamins, trace elements and other substances, which can resist pathogens and enhance capillary resistance.The flavonoids have been shown to have a strong scavenging effect on free radicals, and have achieved remarkable results in antioxidants and anti-aging.

From the nutritional point of view, the essence of plants lies in flowers and fruits.

Chrysanthemum petals contain 17 kinds of amino acids, among which glutamic acid, aspartic acid and proline are higher.

In addition, there are vitamins and trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper, and selenium, so they have an unmatched effect of ordinary fruits and vegetables.

It is recorded that the chrysanthemum tastes bitter and bitter, and the sex is slightly cold; there is the effect of dispersing wind and clearing heat, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, and detoxifying and reducing inflammation.

For dry mouth, fire, seeing, or cold, wind, heat, headache, limb pain, numbness caused by wind, cold, wet have a certain effect.
Vinegar Beans Weight Loss Detoxification Wash black beans into the bottle, pour 2 times the amount of vinegar, eat after 10 days, eat 10 beans after each meal.

Vinegar can decompose the aunt in the body, relieve constipation, and eliminate the stool; the bean contains plant protein, which is very good for replenishing physical strength (please be careful with too much stomach acid).