Autumn tigers attack the elderly and should not drink too much water to prevent heat strokes

Autumn tigers attack the elderly and should not drink too much water to prevent heat strokes

Recently, high temperature weather has occurred throughout the country, with local areas as high as 40 °C.

The number of patients with heat stroke in the hospital increased significantly.

Doctors say that regular stroke accounts for more than 90%, and most of them are elderly people, and the most effective way to prevent it is to drink plenty of water and lower blood levels.

  Summer and autumn alternate high temperature, low air pressure, body sweating and water evaporation increased, when blood flow is slow, blood vessel length increases, due to skin sweat gland shrinkage and narrowing and circulatory system function attenuation, body heat dissipation is not good, when blood viscosity increasesTo a certain extent, small embolisms can occur, causing dilated diseases such as heart, brain degeneration, and myocardial infarction.

  Older people should try to avoid activities at high temperatures, and adjust the temperature of the room in the room to prevent a large loss of water in the body.

Drinking more water in summer is the simplest and most effective way to prevent blood viscosity and increase blood pressure and prevent blood vessel embolism.

Older people should always drink water when they are not thirsty. Drink 2,500 ml of water every day. Drink boiled water or light tea water. Drink plenty of water every day to dissolve the blood.

The elderly are lack of fluid, dry mouth, tea polyphenols, sugars, amino acids and a variety of aromatic substances can stimulate the oral mucosa, promote saliva secretion and play a role in thirst.

Ensure adequate sleep, eat more nutritious fruits and vegetables, try to penetrate the gas, heat the cotton clothes, you can prevent the blood viscosity is too high, to avoid the risk of blood vessel embolism.