at that moment,Xia Chenglong admitted,This person’s Jianshu has indeed reached a point that ordinary people cannot reach.,At least not weaker than him。

And also on the other two sides!
From the army from the north,An unremarkable child,He looks only eleven or twelve years old,But when he faced a fifth-level one-eyed fire wolf alone,Not the slightest fear。
The one-eyed fire wolf rushed towards the little boy while roaring,I thought it was a bloody scene,Even some people show contempt for their children’s parents。
Let such a small guy suffer so much,Simply not human,More importantly, the young couple standing behind did not help。
Something unexpected happened!
The one-eyed fire wolf crawled obediently on the ground after coming to the little boy’s side,Make the coquettish voice of a young wolf,Rubbing against the child kindly。
The little boy raised his hand and touched the head of the one-eyed fire wolf,Smile:“Wolf wolf,Ride your baby。”
Hear the child’s call,The one-eyed fire wolf really let the children ride on the back,Rushed cautiously。
Level 5 Spirit Beast,Even the guy who just entered the fifth level,That’s also a rebellious existence, OK?,Just like this?
What’s even more annoying is that I haven’t taken two steps,A giant brown tiger blocked their way。
This guy is no better than the guy in front,Judging from the breath radiating from the body,This guy is about to reach level six,And her own combat power is much stronger than the one-eyed fire wolf。
The little boy is interested in the guy in front of him,Jumping from the back of the one-eyed fire wolf,Bounced and ran towards the other side。
Still the same as before,Put your little hand on that guy’s head。
Little boy close his eyes,Frowning occasionally,Then opened his eyes and smiled。
“Little tiger tiger,you are so cute,Do you want to be my mount??”
The giant-toothed brown tiger uttered a roar and then prostrated on the ground.,Let the little boy climb to sadness with joy,Holding a majestic tiger hair。
What can everyone say after seeing this,People are so arrogant,So powerful。
I have to ask my parents to help,Because there is no need at all!