Of course don’t know,Xia Chenglong can be sure that the other party has not appeared in front of him before。

This face only appeared a month ago,And in this month he almost always drove in Daxinganling,How can I see the opponent。
Since you haven’t seen each other, there is no intersection,All this behavior is due to coincidence。Seems to be the only way to explain。
Only after Xia Chenglong left,It seemed that people looked satisfied,And the unmarked nodding confirms some truth。
Xia Chenglong doesn’t know,He didn’t want to pursue it。
If there is something or acquaintance,I will encounter it in the future。
This is just a small episode,Xia Chenglong and Mr. Lu continue to move forward,Except that old man,It’s normal for other people’s floor to fall。
Such as the best elixir fern root grass,This thing grows in the frozen ground in extremely cold places,It is a very high-end medicinal material,Common places rarely appear。
What kind of deep whale soft armor,Can resist the full blow of the peak warrior of the Saint Realm,Seven Star Flame Hammer,Suitable for powerful practitioners with fire or earth attributes。
of course,Martial arts sales are indispensable here,While they are walking,Even saw martial arts above the middle level of the earth。
This level of martial arts is the most precious existence in any force,It’s impossible for ordinary people to cultivate。
Originally, many people showed scorching eyes when they saw this martial art,But when I saw the price, it wilted instantly,no way,too expensive。
The price here is almost two to three times that of the outside world,It’s totally black heart,But the prices in other places are also the same,Much higher than usual。