and,Since I can give a reward to the host in the live broadcast room,Why can’t you reward such folk artists?at least,In Hu Yang’s opinion,That skinny body doesn’t have ten years of effort,Can’t write。

The wanderer who just finished writing a word looks up at Populus,Suddenly hold a fist:“Thanks a lot,Thanks a lot!”
He was a little surprised,It’s really the young man Hu Yang who rewarded too much。What others give is one or two yuan,A few dollars in change。Populus euphratica,Directly a small stack of RMB,And almost all large-denomination banknotes,It looks like,There are three or four thousand。
He wanders in major cities,Do this kind of thing,Even caught by urban management,Said he scribbled。But no one has ever rewarded so much,Can give one hundred yuan,Luck already。
“You’re welcome!Well written。”
Those beggars around,See this scene,Can’t help but jealous!They may not be able to ask for so much money in a day。When you are lucky,Two to three thousand income a day,A few hundred when bad,Even tried one or two hundred。
original,They thought,This wandering guy,Business does not overlap with them,That’s why I let him eat here。
Now it seems,Is also a competitor!And also very competitive,unwise,Misguided。Everyone wondered,How can I get a little bit from this guy?,Or just drive him away。
Simultaneously,Everyone also focused on the generous shot of Populus。
Someone crawled over with a cheeky:“Handsome guy,Pathetic,Pathetic!I haven’t eaten for a day。”
Xiaoxiao and Ranran them,Show disgust、Disgusting face,Slightly away。Straightforward,Direct demolition:“Who are you lie to?There are bread crumbles。”
This girl is also very observant,Hua Zai and other talents see,That guy really has bread crumbs at the corner of his mouth。
“Cough!It was given to me by a kind person yesterday,Not willing to eat,I just couldn’t hold it,Just took a bite。Do not believe,The bread is still here!”Talking,The guy reached out and took his body,Really took out a bite of bread。