The cadre suppressed the embarrassment again and asked:“Does the lord come from the navy?”
Heard what this cadre said,Everyone immediately talked。
You know they are underground,Even more hateful than a pirate,If Leo is the navy,Isn’t that over?
“Is not!”Leo replied。
Cadres don’t ask,Continue to the next question:“Then my lord,We are continuing our previous business?Or do something else?We mount…The Foge Chamber of Commerce has more than 600 people,The daily expenses are not small!”
Leo glanced at this cadre:“You are the head of Moses?”
On the sea where strength is supreme,The boss of one party is generally the strongest,Of course, it’s also the most brainless in general,So most of the time a power needs a head of the family or steward。
Responsible for managing and operating a force。
“Yes!Trang Goethe,I have been responsible for the livelihood of Moses。”The cadre nodded。
Leo is happy,The head of Moses was here before,So for him to control the entire force,Undoubtedly the resistance has been reduced by 90%。
As long as his deterrence by force remains,Then this power will not collapse。
“well!In that case I don’t mind telling you,From now on we will no longer be an underground force,But to become a serious chamber of commerce,Do some serious business!”
Heard Leo’s words,Everyone was in an uproar。
Just kidding,Let’s make a profitable business?
We are accustomed to trading without capital,Really works?
“As for the specific operations, I will make arrangements for you as soon as possible,What you have to do this month is to close all the previous business,And wait for my arrangement!”Leo said。“As for the treatment……All up by 50%!”