Ning Bei Zhi can easily judge whether Gan Yifan is lying,obviously,Gan Yifan is telling the truth,He remained silent,After a while:“Does it tell you other information about the Abyss??”

“Have。”Gan Yifan answered quickly,“Sandworms cannot be killed。”
“That’s it,The big formation only stabilized temporarily,Maintaining operation requires continuous input of energy,And sandworms can provide the energy needed for the operation of the large array,So sandworms cannot be killed。”
“I need more details。”
“About nine o’clock in the morning,Sandworms will swim out of the cave to deliver energy to the large array,Lasts about an hour,They will return to the cave。Avoid this time period,As long as you don’t go to the cave to disturb them,They will not attack us。”
Gan Yifan thought about it,Go on:“Another point,If there are enough sandworms,If the input energy exceeds the normal operation of the main array,The excess energy can still be used for our cultivation。Is the liquid in the giant cauldron,But at what level is it saturated?,I don’t know this。”
“anything else?”
“No more。”
Pause,Ning Beizhi asked suddenly:“What’s at the bottom of the abyss?”
“do not know。”
“We suspect that the bottom of the abyss is the Lair of the Frost Dragon,Legendary dragon is best to collect treasures,If anyone can go down,Maybe you can get inexhaustible wealth。”Ning Beizhi said seriously。
Gan Yifan blinked:“Really?”
“Several Taoist leaders all made the same judgment,Relatively high credibility。”Ning Bei Zhi said,“Your physique is special,We can’t go down,You should be able to go down。”
“Can’t go down。”Gan Yifan resolutely said。
“Don’t you want to try?I heard you are raising money to buy a villa,If there are really gold and silver jewelry underneath,You take part,I can treat it as not knowing。”
Mention Villa,Thousands of tastes in my heart,Thinking of the relationship between Ning Bei Zhi and Chen Du,He was shocked,Just listen to him:“Teacher Ning, don’t test me,I know I am now a soldier,I don’t want things that don’t belong to me。”
What he said is serious,Then again:“If Teacher Ning wants me to go down,I can try,And i can guarantee,No matter what the baby is underneath,I take nothing。But I hope Teacher Ning can do me a favor。”
“What do you think。”