In the inheritance of the Star Spirit,There are also a large number of gene catalogs,There are many genetic maps that reach the third level。

But this is incomplete,It is said that there is no gene map deduced as one hundred thousand times。
Li Ming feels he needs to understand a little bit,Naturally reachable99999Genetic level。
“stop looking,and this!”The old murloc took out another thing,Is an10081Rubik’s cube-like object。“In this cube,Contains a drop of blood,Is my master,That is, the existence you call the ancestor of the Six Saints once had great opportunities,And his greatest opportunity is this drop of blood,When your genes reach 100,000 times,Can solve this Rubik’s Cube,Then refine this drop of blood,Has incredible abilities。”
“Don’t ask me who knows so,After the master got that chance,To get this drop of blood,I understand its preciousness。In fact, the owner could actually use this drop of blood,But in his realm,Using this drop of blood is just icing on the cake,Unable to transform the strength。But for a god who has reached the fourth level of the law,This treasure can give the greatest help。”
“I give you ten thousand eras of time,Counting the acceleration of time outside92Billion era。Do not lie to me,I can see,You should have a clone in the outside world under the acceleration of time,But I can observe the flow of time in your soul。Don’t even want to escape by exploding。”
The old murloc looked at Li Ming with a smile:“Unless you will,Maybe there is a trace of attack that might resist my soul,Otherwise you will die,Your clones in the outside world will fall one after another。”
Li Ming smiled:“In that case,Senior, let’s start,I have a hunch,I will succeed。”
The old murloc grinned too:“Everyone who breaks through my level,All said so,But none of them succeeded in the end!Kid,I also hope you can succeed。”
Ten Thousand Era,It’s not long for the entire universe,But it’s not too short。
But for Li Ming,The life course he experienced before was more than 62,000 epochs—Of course this refers to the time of the primitive universe,Consider the time acceleration is far more than。
However, the time after Li Ming will accelerate faster and faster,He has enough confidence in that drop of blood。
With Li Ming entering the ancestor cave of the Six Holy Peaks,After a long period of development, the various inheritance guidance obtained by many forces and ethnic groups in the universe sea,Also entered a blowout period。
The third era after Li Ming entered the Ancestral Cave,The human race gave birth to the eighth true god—The God of Famine。
In the next epoch,Lord of Virtual Gold、Lord of the Ice Peak、Lord of the Blue East、The four ancient masters of the universe broke through one after another、
And the most improved,It’s Li Ming’s infinite palace and world tree.,And now Luo Feng, the earth and the sea and the sea。
of course,The strong on earth,Although the earth actually belongs to Luo Feng, the galactic lord,But there are many strong people who are willing to follow Li Ming。
Today, except for Li Ming、Luo Feng、Hong Wai,Three masters of the universe were born。
As for the world tree line、Youhai Line,Three and two masters of the universe were born respectively,These specially created creatures have high potential。The three masters of the universe in the world tree,Two of them are the masters of the universe who are human beings,And the strongest one is a kind of humanoid metal life master of the universe。
of course,The Lord of the universe born from the three parties plus one piece is not as much as the Infinite Palace.。