Combining Chinese culture and modern connotation Beijing Winter Olympics special art font officially unveiled

  From the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, on September 17, 2021, with the Beijing 2022 slogan, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics slogan art fonts (Winter Olympics art font) officially unveiled and put into use.

  The Olympic Games are not only a global sports event, but also the top cultural events of the world, which is an important platform that reflects the cultural image of the host country.

In the Olympics, the Olympic elements such as emblem, mascots, colors, core graphics, slogans, art fonts have played an important brand communication.

Among them, Dongao special art font is more extensive, and has gradually become an important visual element that promotes the landscape design of the Olympic image, allowing the Olympic visual image to enhance unity, uniqueness, and better display the national cultural characteristics.

  In August 2019, the domestic professional research institutions and professional colleges jointly sent a letter to the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, please ask the Beijing Winter Olympics and develop a professional font, and provide free to Beijing Winter Olympics committee.

Subsequently, the design team used five months to carry out font design in accordance with the font design method from "writing to design", and invited domestic and foreign experts to carry out academic lectures, and guide the design of Western font. In May 202, under the guidance of a text research expert and a famous bookmaster, the design team further enhanced the artistic connotation of calligraphy art fonts in Winter Olympics, and gradually improved the special art font of Winter Olympics. This set of special art font design is inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy, combines the characteristics of the words and strokes of Wei Mei and the book, and combines the graphic characteristics of the "Beijing2022" in the emblem and the game, which reflects the Chinese cultural characteristics and modern. Aesthetic, sports, technology, etc. Future Wintero special art font will be developed as a Chinese graphics and a western library, as a slogan, title, and voices, etc., widely used in urban and large activities, and will become an important Winter Olympics after the game. ● Extended reading dedicated font Chinese design, the design of the Chinese font, continues the design characteristics of the Winter Olympics "Winter Dream". The words in the word, the pen, including the pen, even the pen, etc. From the stroke structure, all points, the structure has made a conclusion, and the brush is smooth, and the speed and rhythm of the Winter Olympics are echo.

The whole set of fonts, the pen uses the handle of the square brush, echo the design of the text body, and also reflects the speed and passion of ice and snow movement. Special Font Western Design Plan Western Font Design Creative Source from the Winter Olympics Emblem "Winter Dream" and the Design Style of the "Beijing2022".

The font will present the characteristics of Western writing. At the same time, the transfusion part in the letter behaves the strength and dynamic and dynamic of the ice and snow movement, and the characteristics of the pencil method of the font corner, reflecting the Chinese cultural elements. (Picture: Beijing Winter Olympics Committee) (Reporter Wang Weihong).