Detailed study of the opponent’s national football formation will fine-tune the whole skills

Original title: The national foot formation will fine-tune the full-scale Sandte Beijing time in the early hours of the morning, the Chinese men’s football team conducted the last match of the Saudi team competition.

It is getting closer to the game, and the national football team will do more targeted deployment, and the team’s formation will also fine tune.

  After defeating the Vietnamese team 3 to 2, all players relax and adjusted, but the coach group has been working on the 12-strong video of the Saudi team.

From the three games, the Saudi team changed in the technical scrapbooking and personnel scheduling. The coach group focused on its competition with the Japanese team, and added new information to the technical tactical analysis of video and players. After the national football team arrived in Sauda, ??the coach group sent the information to the player and made them familiar with the opponent. The first three rounds, the national football defense line continues to have problems, which will be the focus of national football styloid adjustment when competing with the Saudi team.

In response to the Saudi team’s flexible, fast, strong sense of communication, the national football team will choose abundant, dexterous and speed, which will improve the national football, which will improve the premature exposure. Adjustable candidates must be in the state of the pre-players.

Good news is that there are not many injuries in the national football team.

The princes injured in the competition in the Vietnamese team have been fully recovered, and the meduling Zhu Chenjie, the overhead of the injury, and the overcome of the war.

  Unfortunately, in the middle and more war, the appearance and the grabbing of Artemisham, because the muscles were tight, did not participate in the 10th team training, and the coach group only arranged him separately to adjust recovery.

  At present, the states have been prepared to fight.

Wu Lei said: "We will go to the next game with a better attitude, and achieve good results.

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