I knew after he divorced that he kept treating me like a treasure

I knew after he divorced that he kept treating me like a treasure

● Talking person: Yang Ruiling female staff ● Interviewer: Wang Feng met Yang Ruiling on the phone on a Wednesday.

In these 7 days, she went to Sanmenxia to cook the funeral of former husband Shi Shengli.

Everything is done after a person bids farewell to this world. Apart from sadness, the living person spares no effort to do everything related to the dead.

Shi Shengli was single before he died, so he had to do funerals, run the public security bureau, insurance company, and deal with hospitals . these things naturally fell on Yang Ruiling.

  The last time I saw Shi Shengli was 3 years ago, I went back to Sanmenxia to work.

My friend and I sat on the bus and talked and laughed. When I got to the station, someone patted my shoulder and said, “What are you doing?”

“Wait before I answer, he has already got off the car.

At first glance, isn’t this Shi Shengli?

I was bothering him at that time and didn’t stop him.

The conductor asked me: “Do you know this person?

“I said,” I know.

“Of course I know, not just know!

  When I first met, I was a girl walking towards the sky. When I was 10 years old, I followed my parents to Sanmenxia from the northeast. Although the factory where my parents worked was not small, it was not in the city or even in a remote mountain village.

When I grew up, I took over directly into the factory.

Although I have been living in the countryside, I feel that I am not the same as the girls in the village. Even from the appearance, there are not many differences. They are combed with two thick and fragile fragiles, and they wear big calyx in winter.

I love to watch “October” and “Harvest”. I take it with me at work and at work, so I will take a look when I have time.

If there is any difference between me and others, it may be that I always love to clip this magazine underneath, and walk and love to look at the sky.

It was at this time that Shi Shengli was known.

  One day, the popularity of the canteen stopped me and asked, “Did my mother tell you?

“I asked,” What did you say?

Your mother didn’t tell me.

“Zhonghong smiled and said,” Someone fancy you, let me talk about it! ”

I asked, “Who?

“Famous” said: “Shi Shengli.

I asked again, “Who is Shi Shengli?

“” The one who lived behind our house called him ‘Black Big Man’.

His family grew up in Shaanxi and also in the Northeast. Come and build a house here.

He asked me, what is the name of the girl who clips the book from the front every day?

It’s so good. Let me introduce you.

The first time I ignored him, he said several times.

I asked him, ‘are you serious?

‘He said,‘ Really!

‘I said, well, I’ll give you an idea, go and tell my mother, Rui Ling will listen to her.

“After a few days, the popular mother Liu Auntie called me away, and she really told me.

She said: “I think Victory’s kid is good. Honestly, go to me, smoke cigarettes, drink tea, and have nothing to say. It’s a living.

Would you like to meet first?

“I think, see you, you can’t eat me anyway.
  The first meeting was not bad. He was very tall, with big eyes and big eyes . As a result, Yang Ruiling took a one-inch photo from her bag, as if she had pulled it out of her credentials.
“This is the only one left, and it was torn when divorced.

“she says.

  He still didn’t speak, smoked cigarettes, and drank tea, which made me say everything.

Later, Madam Liu asked me, “What do you think of him?

“I didn’t hesitate.

At the time, I felt that there was no incoming call.

Aunt Liu said, “I think he’s very honest, and people look good. I like it.

Your child pulled it with a pin (very), and find another one who dances with teeth, how can life go?

The first sentence of meeting each other: I said that I was lazy. When he said that he was diligent and met for the second time, my first sentence was: “I am lazy.

“He said,” Oh, I’m diligent.

In this sentence, he let him do all the work later.

  The second sentence was: “If I meet better in the future, I will find someone else.

“I said yes.”

“This is how I am. Whatever I say, I never know to cover it up.

I thought I might scare him away, but he looked firm.

  Six months later, he came to my parents with a big bag of gifts.

My mother likes him and made him a new satin satin shoulder.

Then we went to Shaanxi to meet his parents.

After that, Zhang Luo started to do happy events.

Everything went so fast that I was already his bride before I was ready.

  Everyone said he was good but I didn’t love him but I didn’t love him.

  But everyone said he was good and liked him, and everyone said I was blessed.

  After I got married, I moved out of my parents’ house and rented a home in a fellow village.

Shi Shengli followed the construction companies around the country, and we didn’t have much time together.

  Sometimes I suddenly remembered that I was married and felt very unreal.

Looking around the hut, I thought: Is this my home?

But I don’t like it here.

Think about Shi Shengli, is this my future life?

No, it shouldn’t be like this!

It’s so boring!

  Shi Shengli came home to see me, and threw open the door cheerfully, and asked me in amazement: “Hey?

It’s so cold, why don’t you make a fire?

“I didn’t say anything, how could I tell him that my heart was cold too!

  He lowered his luggage, rolled up his sleeves and lit a fire.

After a while, the room became warm.

I watched him quietly working with interest.

He does it all with passion because he loves me.

But I don’t love him. The man in front of me can’t fall in love. Love shouldn’t be so boring.

  One year later, my parents tried to transfer him to our factory, and we started to live with each other like ordinary couples.
Soon, his son Shi Song was born.
  It can be grinded from Yang Ruiling’s notice. In the first few years of marriage life, Shi Shengli gave Yang Ruiling the coquettishness that a man could give to a woman.

But this is a burden for Yang Ruiling.

  Once when I came home from work with a friend, Lao Yuan saw Shi Shengli stacking out on the balcony and going out. The friend said, look, my husband, you!

When he got home, Shi Shengli had prepared his meal.

He didn’t eat and smiled while smoking and watching us eat.

The friend was unhappy and advised him to eat.

He said, I’m not hungry, it’s okay to watch you eat.

Later my friend said to me, Yang Ruiling, why are you so blessed?

Everyone thinks I fell into the honeypot.

  We finally divorced and I left with my son, but I just couldn’t get along with him.

His man was very bored. There were two lines in the factory. He would stay at home after work, smoke after eating, drink tea, and watch TV.

I just ran out, talked to friends, went shopping, and couldn’t help it anyway.

After finishing talking outside, he had nothing to say when he went home, and I had nothing to say, and rarely communicated.

Neither of us can watch TV.

He loves watching sports shows, martial arts movies, and I like watching art shows.

No choice but to put a note on the TV and write: Yang Ruiling, Monday Wednesday Friday.

Shi Shengli, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

  My parents said that I look down on him because he is a worker, which I do not admit.

I just feel that he is not self-motivated and is too easy to satisfy.

The profit in the factory is not good. Many of his buddies go out to make money, but he is just a cat who stays at home.

I said to him, he said, I would rather keep my wife and children at home to eat pickles and siu kebabs.

But I am not a person who is comfortable with the status quo. Others live a certain life, and I also have a certain life.

  Finally one day I thought about divorcing him. Once this idea came up, it couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

Many people persuade me that they don’t understand what I’ve been doing for a long time but tossing about things blindly, but I’m very determined.

I moved out.

In the New Year, Victory came to me and asked me to go home with him.

I refused.

He said nothing and left.

That was the last time he wanted to redeem our marriage.

Soon he agreed to divorce.

  My parents didn’t let me in. They like victory and have a deep affection for him. They don’t think victory is wrong. I don’t want him.

No one at the unit understood me. I resigned under pressure and brought my son to Zhengzhou alone.

  In the meantime, some people came to persuade me, saying how hard it is for you to bring your children out, and there is nothing wrong with victory. Don’t toss, remarry.

Sometimes when the night is quiet, I will also think of him. Although I don’t love him, he is so stuffy and dull. There is nothing to attract me, but only he sees me as a baby.

  I took my son back to Sanmenxia.

  Our family of three is together again as before.

However, Jiangshan is easy to change, and his nature is difficult to change. He is still so boring and so stingy.

After more than a year, I moved out again.

  A year later Shi Shengli got married again.
  For the maintenance fee of 50 yuan, we became enemies. Yang Ruiling said that there had been a resettlement of her and he almost became an enemies, to the point of meeting in court.
Because Shi Shengli does not pay a monthly maintenance fee of 50 yuan.

  We met in court and he didn’t talk to me.

I secretly sneered, who made you do that?

No wonder I am.

  Later, I heard from friends that his wife was very tight-lipped about the money. As soon as the foster care was paid, the family searched for no money at all. Victory had to borrow money to pay the maintenance.

After knowing this situation, I lost my breath. Why didn’t he tell me the real situation?

In fact, 50 yuan a month can’t help much, I just want to fight for it.

  I didn’t know the real situation at that time. I just hated him and complained that he didn’t even care about his own son.

He called and asked, “What about my son?

“I said,” You have no son!

“I scolded him on the phone.

I’m looking for something to disturb him.

  I called my brother in Sanmenxia and said that his son had run away from home, let him tell his dad.

Shi Shengli was really anxious and asked me, “What happened to my son?

“I said,” Run away.

“He said,” What do you care about your son? ”

I said, “You still have the right to say this?

You don’t even care about maintenance!

“I’m happy to see him anxious.

  Shi Shengli ‘s days do n’t seem to be nourishing. He did n’t divorce any time soon. After the divorce, our relationship was not so tense.

Last year Shi Song returned to Sanmenxia and someone mentioned our remarriage. He said, “It’s impossible.

Shi Shengli asked why, Shi Song said, “My mom is annoying you.

“But I’m a little loose.

After all, I am no longer the young and vigorous me. Sometimes I think of the days when I got along with the victory, but I miss it.

I asked my son, “Would you like us to remarry or not?

“My son said,” I’m fine, I’ve been used to it.

Just a lot of people say you should remarry.

I said, “But I annoy him.

He is always a mother-in-law and a grind . “The son said,” This is a complementary character!

“In the evening of November 3 this year, my cell phone rang. It was the victory number, but it was the voice of his brother. He said,” Sanyi, my brother is about to die. Sudden cerebral hemorrhage . “The son forgot that I cried.

I dragged my son and ran to the bus station with only one thought: to see him!

  Cars run at night, everything seems to be dreaming.

The time I used to spend with him was so slow, like a stagnant river, but now, I pray that time do n’t go any further and give me and my son some time!

  At 11 pm, my cell phone rang and his brother cried and said, “My brother is gone.

Yang Ruiling went to the morgue at 6 am the next day to watch Shi Shengli.

  I cried as soon as I saw him.

I scolded him for being “shy”!

The brother-in-law said, “Don’t say that to him.
When he divorced, he took back 20,000 yuan and was reluctant to spend it. Let me keep it for him, saying it was for Shi Song to go to college.

He said you spend a lot of money and don’t let me tell you.
“I said” I’m sorry “to my abyss.

This one who can tolerate me and tolerate me, the only one who treats me as a baby has gone, I have so many misunderstandings about him, but I have no chance to apologize.

I owe him too much, but I can never pay it back.

  People have asked me, since you have no feelings with him, why are you so sad when he dies?

Since he had a relationship with him, why didn’t he remarry?

Yeah, sometimes I ask myself that too.