But now,Everything has gradually kicked off,Is turning into reality。

The four major families in Hongliu City,Beigongjia、Mu Shi、Has fallen into the hands of Lu Menglin,Qin was the most patriarch in the year he died,Qunlong without head,It’s like a big piece of fat on the chopping board,It just depends on who can eat it,The four big families have gone to the third,There is only one Ding family left,It is basically impossible to stop the unification of the three。
And it’s said that the Ding family also has a business relationship with Mr. Lu,Last time Ding San Gongzi helped Lu Menglin platform,Then that means,Just give the Ding family some sweetness,Most of them will only be happy to see it happen,Will not take the initiative to do bad things。
In fact, Hongliu City already has more than half,Fell into Lu Menglin’s bag,All that is left is the recognition of the City Lord’s Mansion。
The status of the City Lord’s Mansion is very detached in the city of Red Willow,Although it’s the nominal city lord,But in fact, he never intervenes in specific affairs in the city,As long as the four major families pay taxes on time and in amount,And complete the instructions from the city lord mansion,As for the dominance,Still four contending,The City Lord’s Mansion doesn’t care at all。
Early next morning,All families in Hongliucheng received the news,Everyone was shocked。
In just three days,The changes in Red Willow City are too great!It’s too big to believe!
Qin Nanming hosted a banquet in the Qin Mansion,United three masters of Beigong family,Master Mu,Want to annex Mu family forces,But no one thought of it,Because of the birth of an angry sword,Qin Nanming, the head of the Qin family, lost his head,The Qin family suddenly turned from prosperity to decline,The Qin family began to worry about their fate。
Don’t know overnight,Chengtou Transformation Dawang Banner,New changes。
Civil turmoil in Beigong family,It is said to be because of Bei Gongju’s death,This led to the conflict between the Patriarch Beigong Crazy Sword and the two great warriors,In the morning,Heavy casualties among the Beigong tribe,Beigong Changhe died in battle,North Palace mad sword killed,There is only one half-remnant Beigong scar,This result makes everyone feel incredible。
Beigong Kuangdao ranks first in Red Willow City,Bei Gong Broken Can actually kill him,What happened last night?
Three quarters noon,Mufu gate opens,The Mu clan came out,The leader is the great master Mu Nanmu。
The Mu clan went straight to the Beigong residence,Arrived outside the gate,Old Man Mu:“Where is the Patriarch of Beigong??Visiting Mu Nan,Please tell me?”
For a time,The streets and alleys are all onlookers,And there are not many people,These people of ordinary origin,When have you seen such a big scene between the four big families,All watched with gusto,Waiting for the Beigong family to respond。
It’s been a long while,The gate of Beigong’s house was opened from inside,A few dejected Beigong people came out。
“Master Mu,There’s something in our Beigong house,It is not convenient to meet guests,Please go back!”One of them said。
Old man Mu gave a cold snort,Raising your hand is a thunder and lightning strike,Directly smashed Beigong’s palace gate,Amazing,Scared the Beigong tribe,Dare not even look back!
This blow is really refreshing to the extreme!
To know,Two days ago, the three great masters of the Beigong clan and Qin Nanming conspired against Mr. Mu,Everyone thought that Old Man Mu was hurt,Dead oil,I don’t know that his old man is not only okay,He’s so domineering,It’s so happy。