And all this is the foundation laid by Lu Menglin himself,There may be no problem for a year or a half,But no matter how long,It’s hard to say。

Without Lu Menglin,How can all the people of the gods talk?When they are not satisfied with trading to obtain the properties of the City of Steel,Maybe next time it will be war。
This is the difference between ethnic cultures,No one can avoid it。
fortunately,Lu Menglin is still back!He came back in time!
Lu Menglin gently patted Chunri Mingzi’s fragrant shoulder,The girl’s soft body scent is smelled in her nose,I don’t know why,Some fever in the lower abdomen,Suddenly became a little dry lips and tongue。
He reacted instantly,This should be what Mi Chong said,The side effects of practicing Promise True Dragon Qi。
The little brother who had been sleeping for a long time actually looked up,This is so lustful!
Lu Menglin’s complexion is reddish,Hurriedly straightened Kasuga Mingzi gently,Then he took a half step back calmly,keep distance。
Kasuga Hakoko is enjoying the solid heart of Brother Lu,Suddenly pushed away,I feel as if there is nothing left in my heart,Raise your head,A pair of big watery eyes are full of resentment。
Lu Menglin looked at her eyes,Guilty immediately,Gently hugged like a ghost,He took Kasuga Mingzi into his arms again。
This time,But Liu Niu’er and Mao Yongfei are all dumbfounded,These two old guys didn’t even wipe away their tears,Hey, he smirked。
This past six months,How desperate is Kasuga Hako for the City of Steel,Everyone can see,Every war,She must lead the way,Obviously a legal post with a major in spiritual power,But she was killed by her into a law war,Several times,If it weren’t for risking Yongfei’s life,,Kasuga Mingzi has already fallen。
Anyone with a discerning eye can see it,Without Lu Menglin,This girl doesn’t want to live anymore,At least never hesitate,If it wasn’t for Liu Niu’er to persuade her,Said Boss Lu will definitely come back,If he comes back,See we didn’t build the City of Steel,I will scold my mother,She just disappeared for a while,No more ambitions,But put all the body and mind on the city of steel。