“Uncle,That big ship,How much oil do I need?”Chubby face blinking eyes,Asked curiously。

“This kind of crude oil ship is super large tonnage,At least 100,000 tons of base,I see these ships outside,should be2510,000 tons。”Geo Dahua explained。
“Oh my God!One ship can be loaded25Tons of crude oil,I just counted it roughly,Dozens of ships,This time China can grow bigger!”Chubby face exclaimed。
“Got big?”Geo Dahua sneered,A strange expression across his face,But soon disappeared,“Hope so!”
But this scene was caught by the careful Qiao Tianyu,He feels a little bit,What does Geo Dahua mean by sneer?
“correct,Uncle,Why are you so familiar with the crude oil business??”The chubby face is like an unworldly child,Keep asking heartlessly。
“Haha,Keying,You can ask the right person!”
At this time, the business class they were travelling in happened to pass by an infinitely large white oil storage tank area.,Geo Dahua pointed at the oil storage tanks,Said proudly。
“Keying,Tianyu,Have you seen it?This large area of oil storage tanks,Total reserves can be ranked among the top three in the world,Hehe,Most of this is mine,Your uncle, I am in the crude oil business!”
That’s it!
Qiao Dahua is in the crude oil business,No wonder being so rich!
Seeing Qiao Tianyu and Xiaopang face shocked,Geo Dahua started to show off again,Said how he stood out from the crowd when he came to Dubai,Doing the oil business right,This is what we have achieved today, etc.。
Seeing that Geodahua is so familiar with Dubai,Qiao Tianyu suddenly had an idea,Why not ask him about what he saw at Dubai Airport at noon,See if he knows the inside story。
When Geo Dahua brags almost,Qiao Tianyu interrupted quickly,Otherwise, Qiao Dahua will talk endlessly,“Uncle,I want to ask you something。”
“what’s up,You said?”Geodahua said cheerfully。
Qiao Tianyu took the plane from the plane into the sky over Dubai at noon today until they got off the plane,Everything that happened in these three hours,I told them all。
“This.”Qiao Dahua suddenly lowered his voice after listening,Said mysteriously,“Tianyu,Haven’t you told anyone else about this??”
“No,We were picked up by you as soon as we left the airport,Never mentioned it to anyone。”Qiao Tianyu is a little curious,What makes Geodahua so nervous。