“Ha ha!Full bloom,Vigorously build。It is really a good choice to build an industrial park in the southern suburbs。If you can attract business in the future,It will also promote the development of the entire city”Wang Lin was talking,And took out the camera,Took a photo while walking。

So messy,Xia Jian didn’t know what she was doing with these things。
The road gets narrower and narrower,And it started to get uneven。Afterwards,Sand road turned into dirt road。And it’s also bumpy,Very hard to walk。
“Damn!did you see that,If you really want to do business here in the future,The first thing to repair is this road”Wang Lin said,Clicked two more。
Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“All the good places that can be developed have been bought up by others,These remaining places now,There must be questions like this”
“Ok!But if you open a factory, you should stay away from the city,Otherwise there will be many problems”Wang Lin’s voice just fell,Xia Jian stopped the car suddenly。
He pulled the car door and jumped down,Pointing to a large area not far from them and said:“It should be here,Very flat,Deserted for so many years,It’s a pity”
Wang Lin craned her neck,While watching,While taking pictures again。After the photo is taken,She just glanced at Xia Jian and said:“not bad,Just two miles away from the highway。The surrounding villages are also far away,There will be fewer conflicts with the villagers in the future”
“In addition,The sunken place at the foot of the mountain should be a big ditch。Open factories more or less will discharge sewage,This big ditch is just used”Wang Lin is indeed an expert,Take a look,Even see this clearly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“As long as you can see,Let’s go to the village to investigate this?”Xia Jian said,Pointed at a village at the foot of Nanshan Mountain。
This village is called He Zhanglu,It should be named after these three Zhangs!Look far,There are many people living in this village,There are also two or three households。It’s just that this house can’t be flattered,Mostly mud houses。Only a few families near the village,It seems to be a newly built room。
When Xia Jian drove into the village,Attracted a group of children scurrying behind the car。The adults in the village don’t care,This made Xia Jian feel bad。
The big horn of the village committee hangs high on a locust tree,So Xia Jian saw it when he entered the village。He didn’t ask anyone,But drove directly to the village committee。
Three blue brick houses,A small courtyard。The door of the courtyard is closed,There is a sign next to it,It says He Zhang Lu Village。Xia Jian stopped the car to the gate,He opened the door and walked down。
The small courtyard gate of the village committee is guarded by General Tie。Xia Jian took a look,And said to a little boy and a half:“Go and call your village chief,I have a reward for you”
“Award what?”The little boy asked seriously。Xia Jian touched his pockets with both hands,In addition to the mobile phone is the wallet。Xia Jian always feels it’s not appropriate to give them money,In trouble,Wang Lin got out of the car。
She took out a few chocolate candies from her pocket and said:“this is for you,Do you know what to say?”
The little boy snatched the candy from Wang Lin first,Only then said with a smile:“I said to lead the inspection”Don’t look at the silly look of this little boy,But his brain works so well。Even he knew he was afraid to come to lead the inspection of the village chief。
“Correct!We are the leader,Hurry up and call him over!”Xia Jian followed the boy’s words,Finally sent him away。