Spring warming prevents eating mutton to overdo it

Spring warming prevents eating mutton to overdo it

February 4 is the beginning of spring.

As the first solar term after the Spring Festival, “Li” was the beginning, which kicked off the spring, and everything is waiting for recovery.

The day is getting longer and the sun is much warmer.

At this time, the yang qi rises, all things sprout, and the body’s metabolism is strong. At this time, proper adjustment of the camera can make the spring yang qi manifest.

Eating too much lamb is easy to overdo it.

  As soon as the spring is over, the weather is warmer, and the lamb is steaming hot, and the roast lamb is easy to “crash” with the climate, and you may overdo it if you are not careful.

Indeed, mutton can help Yuan Yang, nourish essence and blood, treat lung deficiency, and benefit from strain, and is an excellent warming and strengthening agent.

Eat often in winter, not only can increase human metabolism and resist cold, but also increase digestive enzymes, protect the stomach wall, repair gastric mucosa, help the spleen and stomach digestion, and improve anti-aging effects.

However, after entering the first month, especially after the beginning of spring, mutton cannot be used as a standing dish on the dining table, otherwise it will be detrimental to the body.

  In the Song Dynasty, Zhang Junfang’s “Seven Signs of Clouds and Clouds” pointed out, “It is advisable to eat wheat to cool in spring temperatures, and to avoid hot food.

And mutton is the representative of “hot stuff”. Eating more meat is likely to get angry, causing stomach pain, dry stool, hemoptysis, cough, and yellow phlegm.

Of course, it’s not to say that you can’t eat a bit of mutton. Occasionally, there is no big hindrance. If you can eat radish with radish, it will reduce the dryness of mutton.

  Enjoying “Growing Hair” Good Food In the spring, various tissues and organs of the human body are active and require a large amount of nutrients to provide the body with activities and growth and development needs.

Diet should follow the principle of nourishing the liver, reducing acid and sweetening, clearing and nourishing the liver, and benefiting the stomach and intestines.

You can eat more bean sprouts, beans, or leek, greens, toon head, lily, medlar head, malan head, pea seedlings, coriander, kelp, eggs, lean pork, carp, yam and other foods.

As the climate starts to warm in spring and the air is dry, you should eat more juicy fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and radishes, to supplement the body’s moisture.

  Three points of caution: do n’t take off early to eat light, angry and hurt your liver. Due to the breakthrough of spring climate change, the weather is cold and warm, and the human body ‘s ability to resist cold is weakened.The weak must gradually lose clothes.

Spring health must conform to the characteristics of spring yang, the birth of all things, pay attention to protect yang, and focus on a word “sheng”.

In this season, you should eat less irritating and indigestible foods such as glutinous rice, dough, etc. Instead, you should eat foods that are mild and gentle, and that help to uplift the vitality.

There is also a starting point. According to the nature of the nature, spring is a wood, corresponding to the liver. The physiological characteristics of the liver are mainly drained, and anger will hurt the liver.

Food should choose those products with more plain colors.