What does the house look at home?Fifteen seasons of criminal psychology help you mental health

What does the house look at home?Fifteen seasons of “criminal psychology” help you mental health
“Crime Psychology” poster.American dramas can look professional or professional in terms of professionalism.The former is like “Thousands of Lies”. When the true and the false make everyone believe it is true, micro-expression experts have pointed out all kinds of small mistakes.At least as in “criminal psychology”, the content related to criminal psychology is basically supported by psychological theory, especially the new research results pointed out by Dr. Reid who is loved by thousands of people, such as when he turned the book, it can be said to closely follow the pace of discipline development.Not surprisingly, some psychological counselors will quote the plot of “criminal psychology” in non-academic communication (such as social tools), and analyze the content of social criminal psychology-“criminal psychology” is enough for non-serious occasions.After watching “Crime Psychology”, you can understand others and understand yourself. Although there are many fans of “Crime Psychology”, there are too many people who abandoned the drama after watching a few episodes. The main reason is that it is too bloody, horror, and depression.If you watch more episodes, you will find that it is different from ordinary horror films and crime films because they are scary and scary. The psychological motivation of suspects can be found in most stories in “criminal psychology”. Their growth process is oftenFuture crimes lay the groundwork.In the second season (S02E21), a pair of brothers who grew up in the forest committed crimes at random. The person who kidnapped the car on the road and dropped the car was thrown into the forest as a hunting object. The means was extremely cruel.We normal people can’t understand, why do they regard murder as an adult fun?Why can they continue to slay the killer mercilessly when the victims are begging and begging?The script was told that the brothers and the next generation were brought up by psychopathic uncles, and hunting humans was regarded as normal entertainment.Using Coleberg ‘s six-stage theory of morality to explain, the brothers stayed at the pre-custom level before the age of 9 and did things purely from meeting personal needs. They failed to develop to the custom and post-custom level and sought social norms and laws.Recognition.From the perspective of the personality structure of psychoanalysis, the brothers failed to develop control, the superego that constrained the original instinct desires, and the dark, cruel side of the ego was left to self-effort.The two brothers caused an anti-social personality barrier to budget empathy. When the brother heard the gunshot of his brother’s shooting, he asked with fear and anxiety: “What happened to my brother?”He has empathy, but he puts other humans on the list of people who are not empathized.”At the beginning of the second season, behind the detectives are photos of suspects.In the play, the FBI mainly targets serial killers and cross-state killers.These serial killers are basically psychopaths, most of them have bad childhood experiences, abused, sexual assault, adoption, and family members have serious drug and alcohol problems; or genetic problems, such as chromosomal abnormalities, familyHistory of mental illness; or organic deterioration of the brain, some car accidents have caused head injuries, tumors grow inside the skull, and mental disorders appear.Almost all types of psychological abnormalities can be found in the “criminal psychology” template. After watching the 15 seasons of American drama, come back to study the professional “criminal psychology” textbook.To a certain extent, “Criminal Psychology” has raised the mysterious veil of serial killers, turning ordinary people “incomprehensible” into “this is the case.” After understanding extreme behavior, it is relatively easy to understand the behavior of normal people.Simply discussing the behavior of others from a moral point of view often leaves only one way to judge right and wrong. Trying to understand and understand others will leave us gray room for the separation of black and white and become more forgiving.Serial killers are psychopathic, and it is difficult for normal people to understand. It seems that studying their psychology will not help normal people.But in fact, those episodes related to traumatic experiences can help us understand ourselves.A certain set of female suspects was originally an excellent girl. After encountering rape, she repeated her experience of being raped, instructing a male partner to help her kidnap and sexually abuse, killing girls with the same sample and excellent academic skills, and recording the criminal process sent to them.Parents, ruin the lives of them and their parents.The victim becomes the perpetrator, allowing other women to repeat their unfortunate experiences.Think again, there are similar examples in daily life. Some people were suffering from childhood drinking alcohol and drug-affected native families. He wanted to be a good parent in his consciousness, but continued his tragedy in action. Drinking alcohol,Beating children.”Criminal Psychology” provides us with alert materials, combining some unintended behaviors with childhood, past experiences and experiences to help us understand why we have become what we are.The agents investigated the target’s childhood.The agents proved to us that we can choose not to have a bad life. Since the original family theory became popular in China, many people have misunderstood and understood this theory, excused themselves from their bad lives, and justified criminals: they were all unfortunate mistakes of childhood.The story of Agent Kuang Tike BAU (Behavior Analysis Department under FBI Headquarters) in “Criminal Psychology” counters the cause and effect of “because of the misfortune of childhood on the path of crime”. Similar injuries and growing environment, some people become criminals,Agent Kuang Tike became a law enforcer who caught criminals, proving that life can be chosen independently.The members of this team have almost unbearable growth history or suffering experience.Sweet girl Jiejie’s sister committed suicide and she never returned after she left her hometown.Later, I returned to my hometown to handle the case and uncover the mystery of my sister’s suicide.The courageous “Kick Brother” Morgan lost his father at an early age, was sexually assaulted on the football team, and finally brought his Buford to justice.Dr. Reed, with an IQ of 187, is a child of a single-parent family. The mother has mental illness, and the father left the mother and the child very early.The mother’s disease is hereditary, and Reed waited until he was thirty years old to be sure that he would not be sick.”Poker face” Hodgner also had a sexual assault wound as a child, and was also sexually assaulted by criminals during the case.Gideon was a bipolar patient who was seeking medical attention when he appeared.Rossi knots and knots, knots and knots.Garcia is a recruited hacker, adolescent is a bad girl.Garcia, who was a bad girl, and Morgan, who was sexually assaulted by a coach in childhood, both have a history of unbearable growth, but they chose light.At the beginning of the story, most of Agent Kuang Tike was a seasoned and experienced player. Jie Jie was called a profiler in the middle of the job. Only Reed was a novice.At the first sight of Rhett, fans called it “Rhett Baby”, reorganized talking about criminal psychology and various related knowledge, but the transformation was naive and cute, and was often “trickled” by colleagues.In the fifteen season TV series, the director let Reid experienced kidnapping, injecting drugs, mother’s mental illness, witnessed his dark love girlfriend killed by criminals, and he was designed to be framed in jail . every day from a nerd to an excellent QuanticoDetective.Seeing him grow up mature, reflecting the growth of “criminal psychology” fans over the past fifteen years, we love this play as well as our own growth process and the mature ourselves after going through this process.In the last episode, Rhett arranged a head injury and reviewed his most important moment in the script in a coma. The writer knew that fans needed an entire episode to say goodbye to him, and to say goodbye to his growing years.Because most of the agents have traumatic experiences, they often show a human side when handling cases.In the tenth season (S10E16), the father of the killer Megan abandoned the mother and daughter for the call girl, and Megan grew up to be the call girl.When I saw Agent Hodgkin by accident, he became the only reliable man in Megan’s eyes. Hodgkin lived up to her expectations and accompanied her until she died.In the second season, the schizophrenic veteran thought he was still at war and intended to protect the little boy from harm.Before dying, he asked the boy if he was safe. Gideon had a good intention: “Safe.”In another episode of the tenth season, Rigasia sympathized with the loneliness of a betrayed death row prisoner and accompanied him on his last journey.He said to her before he died: “Thank you.”There are many similar scenes that touch people’s hearts, worrying that they will become cold after watching this drama, and hard heart is unnecessary.The agents are a family.Quantico is probably the most perfect work team in the world. “We are a family”, and agents often hang their lips.In the face of the political struggle between criminals and superiors, Quantico will always be united and work together for the outside world.The emotions of private life are basically not brought into the work, there is no intrigue, no suspicion of each other, candid treatment, splitting and pour out each other, sharing happiness . Where is heaven?Paradise’s Quantico in Criminal Minds is a good relationship template.The disadvantage is that it is too perfect. When individual choices are always inconsistent with collective interests, there are few mentions in the play, which are not true enough.At the end of the show, Luke Yupelo Nep went out for dinner, and everything was so beautiful that one could not help but sigh: it is also good to leave a perfect “flaw”.□ Cuihong (column writer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Lu Qian