of course,The other side called back soon。Qin Feng naturally answered the call again。

It’s just that the opposite party was actually silent after the call。Because he doesn’t know how to communicate with Qin Feng。After all, the price of 200 million is definitely not acceptable to them。But you can talk about the price,Qin Feng must have nothing to talk about。
What to do then?Do you want your own people??
Although Taishi Ziyi has reached this position, of course he has experienced all the ups and downs。But this is about the prestige of their priesthood and the cohesion of internal personnel。
If you can,Of course, Tai Shi Ziyi wanted to choose to discard the people from the two teams directly as abandoned sons.。Just once it does,I am afraid that the people below will immediately lose faith in their elders,Cause great hidden dangers in the future。
“Can i find a place to talk?”
“sure,Come to our headquarters and speak slowly。”Qin Feng has thought about how the other side will end the conversation between them。So it responds very quickly。
The main thing is,Ben Qin Feng didn’t want to offend their priesthood。
But the problem is,If the other party brings a bunch of masters over,If you want to destroy their headquarters,Qin Feng’s plan will definitely be affected。
In fact,Qin Feng wants to stop the clergy。Of course, if possible, he would want to subdue more brothers。
A few hours later,Qin Feng and Bill met Taishi Ziyi and Father Benjamin at the headquarters。
What surprised Qin Feng,Only these two people came across。of course,Maybe someone from the priesthood touched in。Anyway, their little brothers can’t find out。
have to say,It’s really possible that the other party will send someone to take the two teams away。It’s just that maybe Taishi Ziyi never thought that Qin Feng would take the two of them directly to discuss directly in the office.。The two teams were tied to one side,Fundamentally
Fang is too lazy to change。
This makes Tai Shi Ziyi somewhat embarrassed。
no way,Because negotiating in front of these people,What’s the difference between what I said on the phone just now?Isn’t it just to not let the people of the two teams know what the headquarters think??
So after coming in,Taishi Ziyi and Benjamin did not get into the topic at all,It’s all kinds of chatting。Anyway, I don’t want to say in front of the two teams。
Qin Feng accompanies Taishizi to act like this,Both sides look peaceful and beautiful。