“Mr. Zhu!Really getting more and more beautiful,Listen to our Mr. Guo,Your investment in Pingdu is huge?”Xia Jian said with a smile,Then turned the topic around,Came to ask for directions。

Zhu Hui shook her head and said“where!Our investment in Pingdu,How can you compare with your startup group。We can only follow your ass,Just pick up a bit“Zhu Hui was very polite,Change her arrogant and domineering appearance。
“Mr. Zhu is really polite,Then we go first“Xia Jian said,Then waved goodbye to Zhu Hui。This woman has never caught a cold with her。At first she was Feng Tianfu’s lover,Are you here? She has a bad heart,Can be regarded as a business competitor of the startup group。
Zhu Hui heard Xia Jian was leaving,She hurriedly grabbed Xia Jian’s hand and said:“You can’t go tonight,I wanted to ask you to sit down,Since I met tonight,Then it’s better to hit the sun“
Being dragged by a woman in the passage,Xia Jian was too embarrassed to come hard,He said quickly:“No way!I still have a friend!I want to take her home,Let’s next time!“
Zhu Hui reacted quickly,She let go of Xia Jian,Rushed over in one step,Grab He Jing’s hand and say:“Went together beauty“She didn’t give He Jing a chance to speak,Pulled her into oneVIPPrivate room。
Xia Jian won’t recruit now,His Lord followed along in。The private room is large,Long two-row sofa,A lot of people。Unexpectedly, Gao Wei and Lu Hou were also sitting on the side。
“Step aside,Let President Xia and his friends sit down“Zhu Hui said loudly,Arranged Xia Jian and He Jing to sit in the middle of the sofa。Drink tea with these people,Really boring,But since it’s here,Even if he copes,Also deal with this scene。
Zhu Hui cleared her throat and said:“This is President Xia of Venture Group,Presumably some people know him,Never met,Come over and say hello to meet“
“Mr. Xia!Wang Dean,We seem to have met“Wang Dean said,come over,I stretched out my hand and shook Xia Jian。Xia Jian met this person once,But didn’t speak。
Gao Wei and Lu Monkey sitting on the side,It seems that they don’t have the right to speak on such occasions,Just sitting where,The two were drinking tea silently。
Zhu Hui ordered a pot of good tea,I personally poured a cup for each of Xia Jian and He Jing:“President Xia is very busy,It’s hard to see the previous side,Let alone sit with us and drink tea,Really lucky tonight“Zhu Hui said,Handed the two cups of tea to their hands。
Xia Jian took a sip,Then lowered his voice and deliberately asked:“Mr. Zhu,I don’t know if I should ask?Don’t blame me for the wrong question!“
“Just ask!President Xia asked the wrong question,I won’t say anything“Zhu Hui smiled,Said with amorous feelings。This woman is really charming with a smile,No wonder she can become Feng Tianfu’s mistress。
Xia Jianyi listen,Then asked quietly:“Isn’t Feng Tianfu down??Doesn’t this matter involve you?“
“Hahahaha!How can this matter to me?He is the boss,I’m just a worker,What’s more, I have always worked in a subsidiary of his group company,Subsidiaries I manage,But there is no problem,This one can stand the test“Zhu Hui does not shy away,She opened her voice and said。
Xia Jian wanted to find something embarrassing for her,I didn’t expect her to deal with it easily。More than ten people sat in the private room,There are a lot of Xia Jian who have never seen,But He Jing knows a lot。It seems that these people are businessmen in the flat city,This fully shows,Zhu Hui really has two brushes。