“You are right,I just can’t swallow this breath,Now that I have said something,Let’s report the case first”Xia Jian said,Glanced outside the car window。This is the harvest season for farmers,Watching everyone busy,Xia Jian felt that he was going to run such a thing,Not worth it at all。

The car just entered the town government compound,Xia Jian saw Ouyang Hong already standing in the yard waiting for them。Heiwa found a spot and stopped the car,Xia Jianla jumped off the car door。
Ouyang Hongchong Xia Jian smiled and said:“I knew it was the result,Make this up and down,After all, we still have to fall on our grassroots,Isn’t this bullshit?”Ouyang Hong said,Can’t help being violent。For her,Is very rare,Unless you are out of breath。
“If you feel embarrassed,I won’t report the police,No need to put pressure on you”Xia Jian said very readily,On the way,He has figured it out。
Ouyang Hong shook her head and said:”Why not report,I have said hello to the new police station director Lei Yu,He is a very good policeman,He should be able to handle this“Ouyang Hong said,So he took Xia Jianchao to the office of the director of the police station on the first floor。
When the thunderstorm heard that this building was built by Xia Jian,He hurried up and said:“President Xia is really young and promising,Done a great deed for the people of my hometown。Pingdu City governs more than ten townships,Pingyang Town is the first to sit in the office building”
Xia Jian and Lei Yu shook hands,Then sat down。A few words,Xia Jian went straight to the subject,He said,Thunderstorm is recording seriously。This man who looks in his thirties,Work very seriously。He kept asking for some details several times。
Wait for everything to be ready,Ouyang Hong smiled and asked:“Director Lei,This matter concerns Mayor Wang’s father,What do you do with this case?It’s not going to be forever!”
“will not,I’m not that kind of person,If it was already high,Can I still come to Pingyang Town??”Leiyu joked。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“We just want to be fair,It doesn’t matter whether it is money or not,As the saying goes, don’t steam buns”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Xia!I will send someone into the village to investigate this matter immediately,I’ll give you a result”Thunderstorm said vowedly。There is such a good policeman,Xia Jian was very happy。
From the police station,Xia Jian went to Ouyang Hong’s office again,The two talked about Liuling Village again。Listen to Ouyang Hong’s introduction,Now the tap water has been led to Banpo Village,The road was also repaired from the mountain,The next one is Zhangjiapuzi Village,Did you really throw Liuling Village where??
Xia Jian knew,Ouyang Hong as the local leader,Absolutely can’t calculate such a thing。The whole mountain is reorganized,What’s the matter of leaving Liuling Village??
“Haven’t the cadres in Liuling Village called you these days??”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。