“You don’t do it,Don’t even think about leaving Wuying Town standing,Not to mention the two people carrying a life on their backs“Qin Dongsheng said coldly and threateningly。

The more Xia Jian listens, the more terrifying,A small Wuying town,It’s really like what he thought,Undercurrent。These people seem to have no problem on the surface,But in fact they are some powerful masters。
“Ok!Since we have a handle in your hands,You arrange,What should we do,Tonight is just an opportunity“Doctor Jing suddenly said very decisively。
Unexpectedly, Qin Dongsheng said coldly:“Not urgent,The time for this is not yet ripe,You two will be honest here first,Wait for the opportunity,I’ll let you do it,But don’t use your brain,You can’t run away“
Qin Dongsheng finished,And led the two sons away。
Doctor Jing followed,Quickly locked the door from the inside。Then I ran into the house,He said nervously:“This old guy is ruining us,What do you propose?”
“You bastard, if you didn’t say something after drinking,,Can we be so passive today?”He Hua couldn’t help cursing in a low voice。
Doctor Jing sighed,Lowered his voice and said:“Pack two clothes,Bring money,Let’s stop the car on the highway now,I have to hurry up with this stuff,This is more terrible than carrying a bomb”
Conversation between two people,Xia Jianquan heard,He just doesn’t understand what the goods the doctor Jing said are?Would be so scary。
Suddenly,He Hua pushed it to the carton next to the cabinet,Chong Shi said in a low voice:“You come out!”
Things got to this point,Xia Jian was too embarrassed to hide anymore,He took a very generous step。When Doctor Jing saw Xia Jian,Even more alarmed than seeing Lord Yan,He stammered:“Oh it’s you,No wonder this bitch has seen you since,His attitude towards me changed drastically”
He Hua does not have a doctor,Instead, Xia Jian smiled calmly:“You basically heard everything,Can we two run out of Wuying Town?,But it’s up to you,Of course you can also catch us,But I always feel,Your destiny seems a bit similar to the two of us“
This woman is really amazing,One sentence hits the key to Xia Jian。Words that sound soft,In fact, there is murder,Of course Xia Jian also knows how powerful it is。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“To run tonight is a chance,I can help you secretly,But after tonight,Qin Dongsheng will see you even more deadly“Xia Jian said,Glanced at the wall clock on the wall,I found it was more than three in the middle of the night。
“it is good!I know you are good at being small,It depends on He Hua’s sake,Help us escape from Wuying Town“Doctor Jing said,I went out very upset。
He Hua glanced at Xia Jian,Smiled slightly:“I didn’t eat this lamb,But this scent is all over,But you can’t blame me,Blame yourself for being drunk and not awake,Can’t do anything“
“Ha ha!Goodbye,Hurry up and prepare!Late will be more troublesome“Xia Jian said,Moved my bones,He found that although the wine spirit has passed,But my head is still dizzy。