First, two sturdy motorcyclists attacked back and forth、Harass those fierce men,Then Li Tianchou and the four rushed out of the chess and card room,Then fierce、Chaotic fighting,In the end it turned into a gunfight。I didn’t see my brother Wu Tianbao,Red hair is anxious,Willing to help,But I’m afraid of becoming a burden,Just like this,Seeing Li Tianchou and the others escape,I can only stare at me。

Hong Mao is still in shock and aftertaste,The police have arrived at the scene,The big guys who participated in the fight just now scattered and fled,And suddenly many people burst into the chess room,All panicked。Many people have lost their shoes,Still running desperately regardless。What are they running?Is there a more vicious villain behind?Red hair stared at it with round eyes,Dreaming of finding my brother from the crowd。
But the scene is too chaotic,Red eyes are not enough,Had to give up looking。He hesitated,Still take out the phone,Called Li Tianchou,But no one answered the speaker after a long time。
The number of police arriving in the early wave is obviously not enough,The scene is still uncontrollable,Red hair,Slid into the chess room to see the situation,I’d better find a little clue to brother。
Very disappointed,A mess inside,Except for a few injured people with limited mobility,Nothing。Hong Mao is trying to go deeper,But was caught by the police who rushed in。
This time it’s unlucky,Red hair full of complaints,Reluctantly, squatting in the hall lined up with other people caught。A few police officers looked at them,More police officers shuttled back and forth at the scene,The police uncle who was reinforcements came too fast,Can’t slip away。
One of the tall, thin, middle-aged police officers began to arrange on-site inquiries in the lobby,The red hair simply saved it,Lao Gao,call out,“report,I have an important situation to say。”
The middle-aged police officer was taken aback,Motion to bring Hongmao to ask questions。Hong Mao didn’t hide anything,Tell me about the experience of my brother-in-law and the experience of my elder brother Li Tianchou when he came to the chess and card room to help inquire about the news。The middle-aged police officer was surprised,Once reported by the masses,There is an underground casino in this chess room,But no problems were found after the surprise inspection,Unexpectedly, he was also suspected of illegal acts such as loan sharking and kidnapping。
Seeing the other person in thought,Hong Mao took out a note,“My elder brother said,If there is no news before ten o’clock in the evening,Let me call the police,This is the number of a police friend of his。”The middle-aged police officer took the note suspiciously,There really is a phone number on it,Somewhat familiar,But I can’t remember who it is。
He hesitated for a moment,It matters,I took out my phone and dialed out according to the number,The opponent turned out to be Xiao Yadong from the Criminal Investigation Team of the Municipal Bureau。
“Why let him run?”Lu Hongmin just pressed the answer button on the walkie-talkie,Xiao Yadong’s roar came from the microphone,“I……My fucking……”Lu Hongmin was aggrieved and speechless。
“You immediately organize,Arrest another group of people!”Xiao Yadong is not going to fight。Calm down and think about it,Although I am unwilling,But I can’t blame Lao Lu。After all, the round-up mission started hastily,Too little time to prepare,Hard to consider,I didn’t even bring the basic professional roadblocks。
Looking at each other’s desperate posture and means of escape,Obviously a veteran……I don’t know where the little brother Li Tianchou is.,Ok……It’s best not to touch any group of people,Otherwise I will never show mercy。Xiao Yadong thought angrily,But I feel incredible,He knows the character of the little brother very well,Just a little arrogant,How could you get involved with these criminal forces??
This night is really lively,First, the masses reported the case in a chess and card room in the eastern suburbs of the city,Two groups of people gathered to fight,Then a young man named Wu Tianxing reported that his brother was kidnapped,And he has his own phone number。The surprised Xiao Yadong rushed to the scene to find out the situation,I realized that Li Tianchou was also involved。
Li Tianchou’s enthusiasm for saving people is certainly worthy of recognition,The starting point is not malicious,Otherwise, I won’t leave a note suggesting a report。But where did the little brother find so many powerful helpers?Actually used guns illegally!Xiao Yadong was shocked,This hostage is so important that the two parties can fight,Is that really the case??According to this kid named Hongmao,His brother just owes usury,There is no complicated reason,This is weird。