How remarried couples can improve their relationships

How remarried couples can improve their relationships

In life, widowed or divorced men and women reunited families is very common.

The family is the epitome of society, family harmony, self-interest, and benefit the society.

For a remarried couple to make the new family happy and happy, to achieve spiritual harmony, consistent thinking, and emotional resonance, they must do the following: forget the past and don’t break the silk. For remarried people after divorce, they should strictly do this.
Some people have been divorced legally, but have been emotionally reluctant. After forming a new family, the original spouse is still “ending forever”. Once this situation is discovered by the new spouse, it often hurts the relationship.It was a surprise and made the second marriage repeat itself.

  Be open-minded, do n’t add suspicion, do n’t worry about your spouse ‘s inadequate care after remarriage, and you ‘ll have a good heart. Husband and wife must trust each other and respect each other. Do n’t ask your wife and “same fellow” because the husband comes home laterWhen you are a husband, do n’t feel unhappy because your wife is participating in social activities. Even if you hear something catching the eye, you should also ask about it. This is the most likely to hurt the other person ‘s self-esteem.

After marriage, when dealing with spouse and heterosexual relations, we must distinguish between normal work relations and general comradeship. We cannot assume that contact between men and women is misbehaving.

  Seek common ground while reserving differences. If you do n’t respect your life after your marriage, you will often find some weaknesses in the other side. You should help each other in the principle of seeking common ground while reserving small differences.

Remarried couples live together, and they should discuss them together when they are in trouble. Some women ca n’t be “male or female inferior” or “female inferior to male”. Some women are hot-tempered and have strict economic controls on their husbands.Husbandism, the election of his wife as his affiliation, are all unhealthy marital relationships.

  After the children of both parties evacuate the new family they formed, the children’s education problems brought by both parties should be treated correctly. The stepfather and stepmother should pay more attention to and care for each other’s children, so that he or she feels warm, like his own.Like parents, they cannot favor their own children. It is difficult to blame each other’s children, causing alienation and confrontation.

Children should also cultivate feelings and unite friendship, just like brothers and sisters.

  Money and property, both parties who do not care about remarriage have their own money and property, each with their own deposits or debts. One party often feels uncomfortable with the children or parents who are financially burdened by the other party, sometimes arguing.

There should be a correct understanding in this regard. Toad retirees, it is incumbent on them to train their children, and both parties must bear it.

Since remarried couples each have failed marriages, each other is more reluctant to disclose it to each other than other aspects, and this aspect does not require excessive tracing.

Regarding the normal salary and bonus income that everyone knows, we should use democracy to spend money and use it rationally.

  Always love the vitality of love, do not be indifferent, remarried couples should seek more similar interests, similar interests, to do things that are not good to oneself, but not strong, or not to oneself, to face each other ‘s interests, they should actively separateFor the sake of affection, the older children should share the room.

Arrange some independent travels in a planned way, and have more opportunities to show affection to your spouse. Some remarried couples may be older, but as long as they are in love with each other, they can become partners in life.To maintain a good marriage.