Chen Geng sighed secretly,He pushed the door and got off,We walked quickly to meet Li Rui and others:“Minister Lee,You are……”

Li Rui also hurried forward,Apologetic:“Mr. Chen,Abrupt,There is really no way this time,Know you are coming to give advice to comrades,I came to learn from the scene。”
“Ok?Learn from?”Chen Geng looked at Li Rui in surprise:“What do you say?”
“Mr. Chen,Let’s talk while walking?”Li Rui made a please gesture to Chen Geng。
Chen Geng nodded:“it is good。”
“In view of the fact that computers have played an increasingly important role in the development of the national economy,The head of the central government gave instructions,Ask us to work hard to promote computer technology、Especially the development of microcomputer technology。
According to the leadership’s instructions,Some time ago we held a national computer coordination work conference in Jiuxianqiao,Research the company andibmMature experience,After several discussions,We decided to producethinkcenterwithibmpcCompatible machine is set as the development direction,This is also a major technological product of our country’s Sixth Five-Year Plan,but now,We have encountered a difficult problem。”
“Oh,You said。”
“We’re not sure if we are using the Motorola seriescpuOr Intel seriescpu,”Facing Chen Geng’s doubtful eyes,Li Rui scratched his head:“Mr. Chen,Do you think we use Motorola68000seriescpuBetter,Still use Intel8086/8088seriescpuBetter?”
Chen Geng is depressed:“You guys also ask me this question?”
Li Rui said embarrassedly:“In fact, we have already discussed a preliminary result at the beginning,Is to use Intel8086,Subsequent upgrade to8088,Your company’sthinkcenterSeries andibmof5150、5160The series are both usedcpuWell,But not long ago your company just launched a Motorola-based68000Series of central processing unitsthinkcenter-68000Series?,The market response is also very good,right now,Everyone is about whether to choose the Motorola series CPU or the Intel series processor,Somewhat undecided……”
Actually, there is more inside information,Li Rui can’t say。
The Fourth Machinery Department has just been reorganized into the Ministry of Electronics Industry,But people are still those people、Institutions or those institutions,For example, the former Electronic Technology Application Research Institute of the Fourth Ministry of Machinery,After the reorganization is completed, it is still called the Electronic Technology Application Research Institute,Also known as the Six Institutes of the Fourth Machinery Department,There is a microprocessor research room under the six institutes,The following is divided into several groups according to the different research directions,05The group takes Intel series processors as the research direction,06The group takes Motorola series processors as the research direction。
Before,Because the data research company andibmThe microcomputer products launched are all based on Intel series processors,And achieved excellent economic benefits,At this Jiuxianqiao meeting,Naturally5The group holds the right to speak,With the data research company based on Motorola68000In the research processorthinkcenterThe advent of a series of microcomputers and their recognition in the market,06The group thinks their chance is here。
They gave their opinions to the leaders:Intel’s8086with8088Series processors are very good,Motorola’s6800with68000Series processors are also good,You see,Mr. Chen Geng’sthinkcenter-68000How good series of microcomputers are selling in the market?
of course,06The team is not stupid enough to ask to overthrow the previous plan,Their suggestion is:As the most successful microcomputer company in the world today,Mr. Chen Geng’s data research company is our role model,Since the data research company is Intel and Motorola walking on two legs,Then why don’t we walk on two legs?
If it’s just like this,Shoot that piece06Group brains open,Proposed a backup theory:“This way,we06Group can be with05Group backup,No matter which group failed,There is another group that can be topped,Do not delay national major events. The microcomputer plan is a major scientific research product of the National Sixth Five-Year Plan.,Must ensure foolproof success!”