If it’s simple than boxing,Xia Chenglong hasn’t been afraid of anyone yet,But at the moment of black and white contact,He knew he had lost。

The body retreats involuntarily,But was caught directly by the black dragon claw。
“Want to go?”
Directly pulled back,Two shoulders colliding,Passively separated again,Fly out fiercely。
At the same time, he went to the other people,A little surprising,The ordinary people who appeared in the major families before are not to be outdone,Two tricks against the black dragon,But after two moves, it bounces directly。
Especially the Liu family,When the black dragon appeared,Sword light flashes behind him,Claws facing each other,Spiritual eruption around,In a flash,Several tricks。
The Black Devil Dragon believes that being there will enable all the people he is qualified to do the trick to return to the original place.。
“Hahaha,Is this the power of humans now?,unfortunately,Yes you can!”
“Who the hell is,Why do you appear here pretending to be a fool?”Wang Yaorong asked with a cold snort。
The black dragon twisted his neck again,Patted his forehead with dragon claws:“exactly,Really embarrassed,Because I’m too excited,I forgot to introduce myself。”
“OK,Then let us hear how famous you are?”
“You can call me the Dark Lord,As for my origin……”The black dragon looked at his body,“Should be your god!”