“I’m here with Mr. Xiao”Xia Jian answered truthfully。

Jin Yimei couldn’t help but yelled loudly on the phone:“Xia Jian!What do you mean?Blessed to share,Difficulties,Why did you leave me alone?”
“President Jin!You misunderstood,You may also know that Xiao Xiao is back。Her younger sister happened because I chased me down to Merlin Town,So it’s impossible for her and me to work together anymore,And you are different,Is the hero of the entrepreneurial group。If she Xiao Xiao wants to continue to develop the entrepreneurial group,She dare not do anything to you”Xia Jian said softly to Jin Yimei。
Jin Yimei heard what Xia Jian said,The tone suddenly eased,She took a breath and said:“Xiao Xiao came to Chuang Tuan just now,There was some unpleasantness with the guard at the gate,I went down and led her into the group,You won’t blame me!”
“will not,She was originally the owner of the group,But before I leave,All the accounts and important matters can’t be touched by her,Presumably Jin always understands what I mean”Xia Jian said patiently。
Jin Yimei said straightforwardly:“I know,Do you really want to leave?What about shares?‘
“I don’t want anything,Entrepreneurial groups can grow to this scale,Is already very difficult。In fact, while the group is growing,I also learned a lot,So these shares are not important to me“Xia Jian said calmly。
Jin Yimei took a breath and said:“President Xia!I, Jin Yimei, admire your belly,But with your talent and ability,It’s popular wherever you go,But i can’t,As long as Mr. Xiao wants me,I can only die in the entrepreneurial group“
“Mr. Kim is polite,You now have people sort out all the accounts,Before I left the startup group,Can’t owe others a penny,This is my principle,I hope President Jin will do it right away“Xia Jian said,Take a turn,And said seriously to Jin Yimei。
Jin Yimei said cheerfully on the phone:“Good manager Xia,I’ll let someone do it now”
Hang up the phone,When Xia Jian turned around,I found out that Uncle Long, Aunt Ding and Dragon Ball’s mother were all here。They each carry a blue,It’s full of weeds。
Uncle Long hurried over,Say hello to Xia Jian,Aunt Ding is also very enthusiastic about Xia Jian,Do they all know that Xia Jian will not stay in the venture group??
“I know you are coming over these two days,So let them get some weeds back,You accompany me to drink again today“Old Xiao said,Stood up。
Xia Jian discovered,Old Xiao who has always been physically strong,I can’t straighten my waist。This may be the case recently,Didn’t seem to be before。Xia Jian saw this,I will inevitably feel a little sad。
Lao Xiao pulled Xia Jian to the side,He held Xia Jian’s hand and said:“I was old,But the body is fine。But Xiao Xiao made such a fuss,My heart boasted all at once,It seems to be many years old in these two days“
“Manager Xiao!You have to deal with this matter with peace of mind,Isn’t it just a group company?!give her。See how she likes to toss。Good toss,Chuanglai Group has existed for a few more years,Toss broken,Can’t close down,What do you say about it?“Xia Jian whispered to Old Xiao politely。