Ning Tao and Ning Xichen on the phone in the corridor,Tong Xu went out and patted him,He concealed a few words and hung up the phone。

Volume One:Join the WTO First22chapter:Not easy
“Tao Zi,You didn’t treat me like a buddy!”Tong Xu lost a cigarette,Lean against the wall and continue:“Although my family is in Beijing,Gan Ning is my grandfather’s home,He came back for retirement,I followed over to school,There are no connections here,But it’s not difficult to ask one or two people。”
“I didn’t really want to hide from you。”Ning Tao lights Tong Xu a cigarette,“I didn’t mention it before, it’s unnecessary,Later my sister ran to see Xu Wan,It seems that I have ulterior motives。”
“Got it,Buddy don’t know you yet,Your sister Ning Xichen wants to introduce Xu Wan to Accord Beauty as a hand model,Said the monthly salary is several times the foreman here,And Accord Beauty is a subsidiary of Chenxi Pharmaceutical Company,You are a typical ulterior motive。”
Ning Tao embarrassed:“I just mentioned to my sister that Xu Wan works in Wangyue Pavilion,That’s all her idea。”
“Your sister’s idea, your mind。”Tong Xu laughed,“You,Remembrance is not attentive enough,Ganning Wangyue Pavilion is just a branch,The main store of Wangyue Pavilion is in Magic City,The largest shareholder’s last name is Xu,And Sisi is from the magic city,Do you think our classmate Xu Sisi is that simple,Just work in this shop?”
Ning Tao was stunned。
Tong Xu patted him on the shoulder and said:“I go make a call,I plan to go to Ganjiazhuang again tonight,are you going?”
“Forget it,Know you are not thinking,I don’t want you to be a light bulb,I’ll accompany Xiaoxiao back。”Tong Xu’s fat face showed a mean smile again,But now it’s not that simple in Ning Tao’s eyes。
My classmates haven’t seen it for three years,This fat man has a heavy heart!
Ning Tao couldn’t help thinking as he watched Tong Xu turning into the bathroom。
When Tong Xu came out of the bathroom,His face is a bit cloudy,He did inquire about something,A murder case that occurred in Ganjiazhuang more than ten years ago,The murderer is Gan Xiaoxiao’s father,The victims are Gan Yifan’s parents。
Just feel incredible,A child can survive on Yunji Island for more than ten years,And can come back intact,No extraordinary experience during this period is impossible。
Contact Gan Xiaoxiao and Gan Yifan in a weird relationship,Think again of the words Gan Xiaoxiao asked him,Naturally lock the subject on Gan Yifan。
After meal,Ning Tao checked out early and left,He really didn’t want to accompany Tong Xu to Ganjiazhuang,He is going to see his sister to check Xu Wan’s details。
Tong Xu smashed into Gan Xiaoxiao’s car and went to Ganjiazhuang,Gan Xiaoxiao has nothing to do,Had to take him home。
publicSUVWhen parked in the parking lot of Xiaoxiao Fanzhuang,A black Buick also parked in front of Gan Yifan’s house,Wu Changan got off the car。