Beware of heavy-duty card walking large ton small label

Since the exposure of the "large ton minister" incident, the state is constantly tightening for the blue brand light card, whether it is from the upper card, the annual inspection link sets many restrictions, or redefines the blue-cap-making technical standards, which has triggered the shock of domestic light card market. . The industry is generally believed that the demand for blue light card market will have a structural change, transfer to micro card, middle card. The reporter learned that the small truck type has been protruded in the near future, and the sales volume increased, and its exposure is also increased. However, in some manufacturers and dealers’ propaganda advertisements, "heavy-duty card", "easy to pull 3 ~ 4 tons", etc. Will take the old road of the blue brand light card "big ton little label". Small truck type demand has risen in recent years. The domestic truck industry has further intensified, and the market has also begun to differentiate quickly, and the small card is a model-derived model after the market. It is between micro card and light card, which is used by micro card. Bodging, narrow-body light card engine and cab.

Therefore, whether it is the carrier carrying capacity or power, the small card is good. Moreover, this type of model is better than the light card, which is much better than the microka, and the price of the car is also very advantageous. Therefore, it has been favored by the user. After the 2019 "large ton small mark" incident, the small card market ushered in big outbreaks, and the sales volume of each brand has grown substantially.

And this year, with the blue brand light card policy is gradually tight, there are more users to turn their attention to small trucks.

  "Although the small card is relatively light, the load capacity, dynamic, reliability, etc. are completely not inferior to the blue brand light card.

As far as I know, now a lot of brand small truck type has begun to pass to the blue brand, and the engine power has also increased to about 96KW.

"Zhang Xuehua, Beijing truck dealer, said that" the tire load is not more than the total quality, the engine displacement is not greater than that the cargo is not more than the rice ", the blue brand light card is power, carrying capacity, or goods There is further "shrinkage" in size, which has overlap with some small truck types. Not only that, small trucks are small and flexible, can easily access the streets and underground garages, and the price is lower, the card is less difficult, has become The average version of the Blue Brandlight City Distribution Scene. Zhang Xuehua further pointed out that the blue brand light card management is strive, so that the original users began to purchase small truck type. From the user’s perspective, currently buy small card transportation The owner is divided into two categories: a class is a standard shipping user. For load capacity, the payment capacity is not high, the small truck type can fully meet its transportation needs; the other is the self-owned retail, and the cost performance is higher. Or often enter the area, urban areas, and operations in limited to high road sections.

  Commercial vehicle industry experts pointed out that Blue brand light card is very large in the entire light card market, after the new regulations, it is expected to drop 10% to 15%, and this part of the market share will be Medium card, small card Market differentiation.

Among them, with the demand for light card users, the small card will continue to be red, and the incremental space and growth rate in the future market cannot be underestimated. The heavy-duty momentum should promptly stop the small card market to continue, and the vehicle enterprises also wait for an opportunity to move to the field of investment, to seize more market share. Recently, mainstream truck companies have launched a small truck type. For example, the current market is more popular, and the Futian era will lead S1 small card, Jilly Feng Rui, Jianghuai, Dongfeng Tun, Chang’an leap, Jiangling Shunda, etc., has achieved a good market response. However, while small card sales is hot, its product is gradually blurred, most of the small truck type, power, chassis and carrying capacity, start the sign of the blue plate, other configurations are referred to as a light truck type.

In addition, some brands and dealers also put the "wide body overload" label for the small truck type when promoting the product selling point.

The appearance of the heavy load card is to meet the market demand, but it is actually the product of the current blue brand light card strict investigation and legacy.

Therefore, many users are worried, the future card will take the old road of the blue brand "big ton little mark". "Blue brand light card is pulled up to 1 to 2 tons of cargo in the case of laundering transport.

Many manufacturers actually claimed to carry 3 tons, more than the risk of being checked, so many light cards are now slammed by small cards. "Shandong truck driver Li Master told reporters that before the" large ton minister "incident, the light card users tend to buy a large displacement, the model of the big goods, so" Ten Tons King "came into being.

This non-compliant model not only disrupts the order of the freight market, but also brings great safety hazards to transportation. Today, the state is constantly increasing to the blue brand light card management, so that the market gradually returns to rationality, but the appearance of heavy-duty cards seems to destroy this balance. In this regard, the multi-truck driver said that in the process of governing the blue brand light card, whether it is an enterprise or a user, it has paid a heavy cost. Today, the unscrupulous blue brand light card has not completely exited the historical stage, but the small card market has risen a "heavy duty" wind, which is extremely unfavorable to the truck industry. In order to avoid repeating the mistakes of "large ton small standard", the development momentum of heavy-duty card should be stopped in time.

At the same time, the relevant departments need to formulate the corresponding regulatory rules to standardize, so that the market environment can be evolved to ensure that the small card market is healthy, and in an orderly manner.

  "Governing superflight will never stop, this is a recognized fact. The commercial vehicle is used as production materials, and the market will inevitably exist.

Some unsatisfactory motifs have not been effectively contained once the initial development, and there will be a big problem, and even affect the development of the industry. Therefore, on the road of treatment, regulatory constraints after the size of the model is formed, it is better to stop in a timely manner. "Industry experts say. The truck should be clearly limited. Many of the company have considered that the small card has a certain advantage, but still can’t shake the position of the blue brand.

Therefore, the small card probability will not step the blue brand "large ton small mark".

However, from the process of overloading, it can be seen that there is a possibility of overloading overrun, no matter what model. Today, in the current situation of the national governance and overtreatment, it should be a smuggling and compliance, whether it is a small card, light card or a medium-grade card, and should seek more long-term development under the premise of legal compliance. "The way the front car needs to be kept in mind. If the violation model is rampant, the order will be disrupted, and the truck driver will also fall into the downtry of the freight price." Liu Chang, industry expert, said that the entire industry should be clearly recognized, only trucks do not Overload, the boundaries are clear, in order to avoid excessive price and malicious competition, the trucks can make the logistics market in order to establish a healthy logistics ecology. In addition, there should be no more viability, and there is a lucky mind, because only protecting this industry, you can better protect your own "rice bowl".