The homely taste of West Lake teaches you to do Longjing shrimp

The homely taste of West Lake teaches you to do Longjing shrimp

When it comes to China’s top ten famous teas, West Lake Longjing is one of them. When Qing Emperor Qianlong visited Hangzhou West Lake, he praised Longjing Tea and sealed the 18 tea trees in front of the Hugong Temple under the Shifeng Mountain as “Olympic Tea”.

The value of Longjing’s picking at different times will be different. It is said that it was called “Mingqian Tea” before Qingming, and it was called “Pre-Rain Tea” before the rain, and it’s the top grade before the rain.”The saying.”

But the beauty of Longjing is not just tea, but also cooking!

Longjing shrimp ingredients: 250 grams of shrimp, 1 egg, appropriate amount of Longjing tea, starch, rice wine, vegetable oil, appropriate amount: 1, after washing the shrimp to remove the shrimp line, drain the water for use, take the egg after the egg white; 2, the shrimpInto the bowl, add egg white, starch and a little water to make water starch, add two scoops to the shrimp, use chopsticks in a direction, and then let it stand in the refrigerator for 20 minutes; 3. At this time, the Longjing tea is brewed into boiling water with boiling water.After the pot is boiled and boiled, the shrimp is boiled in a colander and boiled in boiling water for a while. The shrimp is removed immediately after discoloration; 4, the oil is poured into the pot, and the fire is heated to 70% and then poured into the boiled shrimp.Stir fry for a while, then add some rice wine and 2 tablespoons of tea soup, stir fry until the tea tastes, and finally pour a little water starch, stir fry the shrimp until it is shiny.

Making shrimps is refreshing, so stirring with egg whites and starch is a very necessary process. Stir-fried shrimps can’t be fried for too long. You can pre-cook the shrimps to reduce the time of the shrimps in the hot oil.

In addition, the shrimp meat has a natural sweet taste, so when cooking, you can put some salt or even salt, but remember not to put MSG, so as not to destroy the original sweet taste of the shrimp.

First, Longjing is a green tea. It is often used to fight cancer. Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the three major diseases that threaten humanity today. The WHO has clearly pointed out that broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are different from green tea.Research evidence supports anti-cancer foods, often drinking green tea can achieve a certain anti-cancer effect.

West Lake Longjing Tea belongs to green tea. It has all the health properties of green tea. It contains tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc. It can replenish diuretic and strengthen the heart. Therefore, drinking green tea can improve immunity and fight cancer.

Of course, it is easy to be affected by tea polyphenols and caffeine. Those who are prone to insomnia after drinking should pay attention not to drink tea in the afternoon, so as not to affect the night’s sleep.

Second, how to buy and store Longjing tea well?

In fact, it is not easy to buy a really good Longjing tea. Pay attention to the dryness, integrity and smell of the tea when buying. If the tea is still relatively good, the tea is not fried, and it is easy to mold when stored.If there is mildew, wormholes or broken, it is not suitable to buy. If the tea does not have a natural aroma but a musty, astringency or even other chemical smell, it can not be bought.

When storing, please pay attention to the special container of Longjing tea in a dry, ventilated and cool place. Do not put it together with other aroma substances such as pepper, fennel and other flavoring seasonings and scented daily necessities such as mothballs to avoid other odor pollution.Longjing tea.

Third, can you drink tea overnight?

In fact, many people are very concerned about the heavy metal substances or harmful substances that come out after the tea overnight. In fact, this problem does not need to worry, but it is generally not recommended that the tea should be soaked for more than 2 days, because it has no nutritive value.It can be provided to the human body. Secondly, there is no merit in terms of appearance or taste. The tea that has been placed for too many days is easily contaminated by microorganisms such as bacteria in the air, which is not good for health.

Therefore, it is best to change the tea soup every day. Put a small amount of tea each time. Drinking strong tea is not good for your health.

Drinking tea also has a magical effect: middle-aged and elderly people who are prone to chapped feet can use tea to soak their feet; people who have acne due to body heat can also wash their faces with tea, use tea to apply acne, etc., are good reuse.Oh!