Woman improves sleep quality rejects noise and alcohol

Woman improves sleep quality rejects noise and alcohol

The quality of a person’s sleep is closely related to their health, while for a woman, sleep is not good, which affects health and becomes rapidly aging.

So how do women improve sleep quality?

What can women do to improve their sleep?

Let ‘s take a look at the article with these questions to see how female health care can improve sleep!

  In spring, the temperature rises, and many women’s emotions also become irritable. Little things can cause distress. If you do not get timely relief, it will easily affect the quality of sleep. So how to save women’s sleep quality?

Let ‘s take a look together, it ‘s easy to develop a “sleeping beauty”!

  1. Pay attention to regulating protein, vitamins, non-greasy, and high metabolism in the diet of insomnia patients.

You should not drink more tea and coffee, especially at night.

Before going to bed, don’t overeat, abdominal distension can also cause insomnia, and it is not good for the stomach.

  Eat more lotus seeds, carrots, sea cucumbers, etc. to strengthen nutritional supplements and improve physical health.

Eat more brain foods, such as walnuts, animal brains, milk, etc.

Eat more pears, cabbage, fungus, winter melon, nori, celery, tomato.

  2. Releasing stress Many women now suffer from insomnia because of too much stress. To improve the quality of sleep, you need to release stress. No matter what method you use to release stress, as long as it does not harm the interests of others, the stress is released.The body can relax and the quality of sleep is guaranteed.

  When many women can’t sleep, they lie in bed and turn over and over. As a result, the more anxious the mentality becomes, the more they can’t sleep, and the nausea cycle.

When you can’t sleep, you can start doing other things, such as watching movies, listening to music, and surfing the Internet. At the same time, time flies fast. When you are tired, you will naturally feel trapped and help sleep.

  3. Massage the soles of the feet to improve the quality of sleep. Modern women have been in a state of high tension for a long time due to the increasing pressure of survival, which has led to insomnia, dreams and so on.

To improve sleep quality, massaging the soles of your feet is a very good choice.

At the same time, massaging the soles of the feet can also effectively eliminate excess toxins in the body, especially after taking a glass of cold water after massaging the soles of the feet.

This is because after massaging the soles of the feet, the circulation of qi and blood in the body will significantly accelerate the metabolism, which can effectively eliminate redundant substitutions in the body, improve hypertension, and make people more mental and young.

  4, walk, help to fall asleep as soon as possible, walk for 10-20 minutes, can allow blood to circulate to the body surface, the skin can get “live” maintenance after falling asleep.

After lying down, you can go to sleep faster without reading books and newspapers, without considering problems, and by reducing brain activity.

  5. Excluding disease factors leading to insomnia. It may be said that your original sleep is normal in all aspects, very healthy, and there is no special psychological stress. You must pay attention to whether your work stress is too great during this time, or your body.What kind of malformations appear, especially neurological diseases, diseases of the endocrine system will also affect people’s sleep quality.

It is also difficult to detect, so it is recommended that patients with long-term insomnia can go to the hospital for examination.

  How to improve the quality of sleep is not the responsibility of women. Under normal circumstances, the best time to end dinner is before 20 o’clock every day, to ensure that dinner and sleep time difference is 2-4 hours.

Time, breakfast, meals and meals should be in the ratio of 3: 4: 3; if you can eat at 9 or 10 in the evening, the ratio should be 4: 4: 2, which can ensure the energy supply during the activity andGet rest during sleep.

  Having a full dinner and falling asleep quickly will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and the surrounding organs will cause compression. These messages will be transmitted to the brain, causing nighttime dreams and even insomnia.

Over time, it is easy to cause neurasthenia.

The cardiovascular system is also affected and may cause problems such as diabetes, bowel cancer, and urinary stones.

  Creating a warm and small environment and waiting for yawning to sleep is actually a very natural process. We should naturally feel drowsy and then fall asleep naturally.

But if your mental state is always agitated, it is difficult to relax yourself and enter a state of sleep!

And the more you force yourself at this time, the less drowsiness you will have!

  You can try walking outdoors or going to bed before going to bed. They can relax your mind and turn you into sleep.

In addition to the traditional hot milk, you can eat the right amount of fruit.

  Apple, banana, tangerine, orange, pear and other fruits have a sedative effect on the nervous system.

In the current hypnotic software, sleep is mainly induced by music. Listening to rhythmic sounds, such as the sound of rain and water, can help you.

  To treat insomnia, it is also inhumane to rely on the “no sleep” method, but it is the best solution to insomnia. This method is not applicable to “night owl” type insomnia, because he has not yet arrivedTime to sleep!

He is awake when lying down, and can go to bed when he wants to sleep.

  Within 10 to 15 minutes, without falling asleep, immediately get out of bed, read a book or watch TV, read some books that are easy to pick up and hold, and read articles that are easy to understand, such as short stories, comedy stories, orYour favorite stories from childhood, etc.  Another easy way is to write all your messy thoughts, which will eventually bring you sleepiness.

Or continue to do what we were doing before, which can also improve our sleepiness!

It should be noted that no matter how many times you sleep at night, you must wake up on time in the morning to develop good habits to sleep better!

  Sleeping upset is not good. Look at the boring things. You have to know the fact that when you feel uninterested and bored, your blood pressure will drop, and your spirit will be weak. You want to sleep very much.

Conversely, when you focus on something, you don’t feel tired.

  So don’t watch funny TV shows or do your favorite job at night.

It’s best to read boring books before bedtime, or fill your brain with foreign language grammar.

This makes it easy to hypnotize.

  Want to be a sleeping beauty, quickly reject noise + music sounds in alcohol nightclubs, human voices are together, high decibels and high-frequency reflected vibrations, constantly vibrating the eardrum, reducing eardrum sensitivity, causing hearing loss, and slowly causing sounddeaf.

  In fact, hearing loss in nightclubs is caused not only by noise, but also by alcohol.

This is scientifically certified.

Drinking too much alcohol will increase the burden of hearing, resulting in the failure of our hearing organs, and this situation will worsen and become deafness symptoms!

  There is also the role of earplugs in nightclubs, which is certainly not as useful as you think, but it is better to wear them than not.

  It’s difficult to get up quickly. What to do? You must have a strong motivation to get up. Getting up an hour a little earlier will make it easier for you to complete the day’s tasks instead of rushing to start a new day.

  Do what you need to do well in the morning, and don’t have the mentality of “waking up too early is better than going to bed”.

  Waking up the alarm clock regularly is tricky. The alarm clock can’t be too close to yourself, or you turn it off in the morning when you don’t want to get up; set an interval every few minutes is an effective method; now there are some alarm clock apps that allow you to complete in confusionTurning off the alarm clock after a small game is also helpful for waking up.

  Good sleep quality can ensure a person’s health, and it can make a woman look full of light all day long.

The above summarizes the methods that help women sleep and how to improve women’s sleep quality.

Hope to help female friends who suffer from insomnia!