NBA official website: Harden is more suitable for MVP because there are 3 points without him to enter the lottery

NBA official website: Harden is more suitable for MVP because there are 3 points without him rocket into the lottery area
On April 14th, Beijing time, according to NBA official website reports, Stephen Curry and James Harden are two of the most popular MVPs in the NBA regular season this season.Although many media are optimistic about Curry, NBA official veteran David Aldridge believes Harden is more worthy of this MVP trophy than Curry.The following is his point of view: MVP unexpectedly is that Harden and Curry competed before the start of this season, the Warriors superstar is already one of the most deadly offensive players in the league.This year, his performance is even better.His PER efficiency ranks third in the league, and set a career high.In addition, his offensive victory coefficient and overall victory coefficient are also ranked third in the league.His three-point shooting is an incredible 44%, and he may be the best ball player on the field.  Although Curry’s performance is outstanding, Harden’s performance is even more outstanding.  If the revolutionary focus on MVP is the best player on the best team, then Curry will be the winner.Obviously, the Warriors are the best team in the league this season, and Curry is the best player on the team.But according to this logic, shouldn’t the regular season MVP last season be Tim Duncan or Kowai Leonard?After all, the Spurs have the best record in the regular season.  I chose Harden mainly for the following reasons: 1. Harden has a heavier burden in each game.Consider this stat: this season, the Warriors averaged a 10.10 win over opponents.21 points, the league’s first; the Rockets can only average out opponents by 3.03 points, although not bad (ninth in the league), but the gap with the Warriors is not small.This season, the Warriors have won at least 20 points in 16 games, while the Rockets have only 3 games.A lot of Rockets games are won at the last minute, which means they need Harden’s every point at a critical moment.  2. This season, Harden has 35 games with at least 30 points. In these games, the Rockets have scored 30 wins and 5 losses.For a player, the burden on his shoulders is too heavy.  3. One more point: This season, Curry averaged 24 points per game, the highest in the team, the Warriors’ second most popular player is Clay Thompson, he also averaged 21 points per game.3 points; looking back at the Rockets, Harden averaged 27 per game.5 points ranked first in the team, who is the Rockets’ second bloomer?Trevor Ariza, he averaged only 12 per game.9 points.(Note: It stands to reason that Howard should be the Rockets’ second hottest player, averaging 15 per game.8 points, but he only played 40 games this season due to injury) There is no doubt that the Warriors are better than the Rockets.If you remove Curry from the Warriors, they will not be so good.But they still have Thompson, Green, Barnes and perhaps the most important Bogut (the key to the Warriors playing the league’s best defense).Although the Warriors could not win 60 games without Curry, they could still be a team playoff team.  Similarly, would the Rockets without Harden become something like that?A healthy Howard can certainly change the situation, but let’s be realistic: this season, with so many injuries, the Rockets without Harden will enter the lottery.(Rosen)