Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixteen Hidden Tyrant
After so long like a game,Don’t tell me if there is no husband,Except for these few people around him, no one knows that Qin Feng married a wife。
“I,What happened to me,I was right,But I really don’t want to marry so soon,I haven’t lived in your house enough yet,Are you eager to marry me,Good to return the two-person world between you and Yanyan。”
Although Wang Mengmeng is smiling,But there is a touch of sourness。
“how could be,Crowded,Besides, even if you are right,Can those men compare to me? I’m a good extinct man, rarer than a dinosaur,So it can’t be compared。”
How to say something,Wang Po selling melons,Boast,Qin Feng is like this now。
“Crowded?Then you marry me too!”Wang Mengmeng looked at Qin Feng who was thundered by Qin Feng,Smiled and continued:“Ugh,You still know extinction,If you are not taking Yanyan down,Really fast‘Extinct’Up。”
After talking, Wang Mengmeng clutched his belly and laughed。
“You said you are not a little quiet,Talking like a girl,I heard that this manor is a birthday present from a father to his daughter,And named after,But you don’t have to worry about just hitting the sound。”
“People call‘Dream’I just don’t know if the person lives up to their name,Just like you,Just the name is cute。”After speaking, Qin Feng made a scared expression and deliberately angered Wang Mengmeng。
“Oh?is it?Maybe,Maybe it’s the second Wang Mengmeng!”After talking, Wang Mengmeng looked at Qin Feng proudly。
“Shouldn’t?”Qin Feng instantly seemed to have thought of something and asked, a little unbelievable。
“Hum!”Wang Mengmeng continued to be proud。
“Fucking,No way!”Qin Feng didn’t think about it,It’s just that he never thought it was incredible。
“Is it weird?”Wang Mengmeng blinked and looked at Qin Feng and said。
“Not weird,It’s so strange,Lived together for so long,I don’t even know you are the hidden tyrant!”Qin Feng knows that Wang Mengmeng’s house is in good condition,But I didn’t know it was so good。