“I do not recognize。I just want to see,What is your so-called baby。Find the master,Didn’t you find the baby??”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。

Luo Li listen,I laughed suddenly。
“Haha!laugh,Killing me!What’s the situation with this kid?He actually,Actually want to get involved with that baby?I don’t even dare to touch this idea!on,Fuck him to me!”
Luo Li’s pen can be tilted forward and backward,Suddenly waved and shouted。
The thugs standing next to Luo Li heard the boss’ orders,Immediately swarming towards Lu Menglin like tigers and wolves。
They are all Lianjiazi,And they are all those who really practice kung fu,Otherwise, I’m not qualified to be here。
In an instant,Fist like wind,Legs like rain,The storm is coming。
Hu Tianbiao saw this battle,Scalp numb immediately,He knew he could never stop the siege of so many good players,I just failed to capture the thief and capture the king,Hold Lori,Actually lost,I don’t even have a chance to turn over。
Facing the fists coming from all directions,Lu Menglin is not in a hurry,The body still stands very tall,Like a javelin stuck diagonally on the ground。
Suddenly,Lu Menglin’s figure swayed slightly,Tilted head and neck,Just right to avoid the oncoming fist。
Followed by,He bowed,Do not retreat,Took the initiative to meet the crowd。
Everyone just feels like a flower,Suddenly all the attacks fell through。
Lu Menglin is like a fish swimming in the sea among the crowd,Freehand,No matter what kind of attack,He just has to twist slightly,Can be easily avoided immediately。
If you just avoid it,The key is that Lu Menglin will still rely on her body skills,Step forward,Step on the back of the opponent’s instep。
Snapped!Anyone who gets stepped on the instep,Can’t grieve on the spot,I can’t even stand still。
It’s the time of meeting,Lu Menglin drilled a few times in the crowd,Unharmed,Those boxers who do their hands are like wheat in the field,Sliced down。